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10 Best Dog Supplements & Vitamins Reviews

A healthy, normally busy dog ​​is well looked after with a high-quality complete food. It contains all the important vitamins and nutrients your fur nose needs. But sometimes it has to be a little bit more. With symptoms of deficiency, increased stress, high physical exertion, raw feeding or after an operation, for example. Then dietary supplements can be useful for your dog, which are good for your pet, strengthen their body and help them to recover. Your veterinarian will be the best to advise you on the need, type and dosage of dietary supplements.


1-Purina Fortiflora Canine Nutritional Supplement Box

Intestinal balanceFortiflora-canine-nutritional-supplement

Complementary food for dogs and puppies to help support intestinal well-being and balance.Sachets (30 x 1 g)


Contains live lactic acid bacteria that help support intestinal well-being and balance


Meat and derivatives, mineral substances.

Analytical components and additives:  
Protein 54%
Crude oils and fats 19%
Crude ash 10,0%
Crude fiber 1,0%
Nutritional additives:  
Ferrous sulphate monohydrate 2230 mg/kg
Calcium iodate anhydrous 28 mg/kg
Cupric sulphate pentahydrate 445 mg/kg
Manganous sulphate monohydrate 920 mg/kg
Zinc sulphate monohydrate 3760 mg/kg
Sodium selenite 2,6 mg/kg
Other zootechnical additives (intestinal flora stabilizers):  
Enterococcus Faecium SF68 NCIMB 10415 (4b1705) 1×1012 CFU/kg


Recommended daily ration and method of use: sprinkle one bag a day on your dog’s usual food.


Store at a temperature between 2 ° and 25 °.

2) 10 in 1 Dog Multivitamin with Glucosamine – Essential Dog Vitamins.



Strong joints & immunity support – a substantial amount of glucosamine, b1 thiamine, b2 riboflavin, pantothenic acid and vitamins a & d make our pet drops an impressive wellbeing supplement for dogs & cats!

Our veterinarian approved formula reduces joint inflammation and increases mobility and flexibility! great cat & dog food supplements!

Pet Health & Beauty in and out – vetflix cat & dog multivitamin is rich in powerful wellness compounds such as biotin, folic acid and vitamin c, b6, b12! 

Our treatment also works as a senior dog vitamins, guaranteed to promote natural health & silkiness for pet fur and skin! inulin prebiotic aids with digestive system regulation, support of overall pet well-being!

Formulated with care in the USA – our delicious herbal cat & dog supplement is designed & manufactured in America on the fda & gmp registered facility, in accordance with the strict US laws.

The main goal of our work is to provide the best results for your      pets, that’s why vetflix doesn’t use additives or GMO!

Be confident with vetflix – we constantly strive for the best quality to bring your pet the best treatment. At vetflix we understand perfectly how important the well-being of your pet is to you!

If for any reason you feel upset about your results – contact us as soon as possible. We solve your problem! 100% risk-free purchase!

Like us, dogs and cats need vitamins as part of their diet. Vitamins keep pet skin and coat healthy, strengthen teeth and bones, and give them the energy for a happy and active life.

Most pets get enough nutrients from their balanced diet, as many top companies add some vitamins and trace elements to them, but an extra supplement is usually a good idea.

However, it is important not to give human vitamins to animals. That is why we have designed a special multivitamin supplement for pets!

vetflix 10-in-1are rich in essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other nutrients. Our tincture will help your pet achieve excellent health, both inside and out
 Vetflix Advantages:

  • Skin Health
  • Joint function
  • Regular digestive tract
  • Strong immune support

 Strong ingredients:

  • 10 vitamins
  • Omga 3
  • Glucosamine
  • Cheese extract
  • Pumpkin
  • Inulin prebiotic

 03-Glandex Anal Gland Soft Chew Treats with Pumpkin for Dogs.


Glandex helps to support healthy anal gland function in pets and was created by veterinarians specifically for this problem. Glandex is the only product that targets all of the underlying causes of anal gland problems.

Our Glandex 30 ct Soft Chews work for any size dog.

SUPPORTS HEALTHY ANAL GLANDS: Glandex is proven to support healthy anal glands in all size dogs & is the only product to target all of the underlying causes of anal gland problems. Glandex works to bulk & firm the stools & reduce inflammation.

GUARANTEED RESULTS IN 3-5 WEEKS: Glandex results are guaranteed because it works. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee that Glandex will help your pet to “Boot the Scoot!”

VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED: Glandex is recommended by thousands of vet & vet specialists for healthy anal glands & was developed by leading veterinarians to specifically address anal gland problems in dogs.

ALL-NATURAL PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: Glandex is formulated with key ingredients that work from the inside out to keep your dog’s anal glands healthy including Pumpkin Seed, Natural Anti-Inflammatories, Digestive Enzymes, & Probiotics.

MADE IN USA: Glandex is proudly made in the USA using the highest quality ingredients. Glandex is easy-to-use and comes as an irresistible peanut butter treat! Give once daily based on your dog’s weight. Great Value – Lasts 1 month for a 20 pound dog!

04- PetHonesty Probiotics for Dogs, 90 All-Natural Advanced Dog Probiotics.



 Help maintain the precious balance of good bacteria in your pet’s digestive tract with easy-to-give Probiotic Soft Chews. Your pet’s digestive tract contains both good and bad bacteria, just like yours.

The good bacteria support healthy digestion, regularity, and immune system health.

Probiotic Soft Chews contain 8 different strains of beneficial microorganisms, including Lactobacillus acidophilus, (the same natural culture found in yogurt) and highly stable Bacillus coagulans (Ganeden BC30 TM).Probiotic Soft Chews also contain the prebiotic fructooligosaccharide (FOS).

A fiber source that provides nourishment for beneficial bacteria, encouraging them (rather than harmful bacteria) to survive and thrive.

Delicious, cheese-flavored, soft chewables are easy to give; pets snap them up like treats. Ideal for pets during or after antibiotics, pets that are not eating well, or pets in need of digestive support. Approximately 120 chews.

For dogs and cats.

Supports healthy digestion and regularity in pets

Contains 8 strains of beneficial probiotic bacteria, including Lactobacillus acidophilus, and Bacillus coagulans (Ganeden BC30 TM)

Includes the prebiotic fructooligosaccharide (FOS), to nourish and support beneficial bacteria



 Suggested Use: Give one chew daily for each 25 lbs of body weight. For dogs less than 25 lbs, give 1/2 chew. May be given directly,

Just prior to feeding, or crumbled and mixed with food. For dogs requiring more than

 one chew, divide between morning and evening. As with any edible item, wash hands after handling product.


Rice Bran, Water, Lecithin, Safflower Oil, Fructooligosaccharides, Corn Starch, Natural and Artificial Cheese Flavor, Glycerin, Sorbic Acid (preservative), Dried Bacillus subtilis Fermentation Product, Dried Bacillus coagulans Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus acidophilus Fermentation Product, Dried Bifidobacterium bifidum Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus casei Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus fermentum Fermentation Product , Dried Lactobacillus reuteri Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus plantarum Fermentation Product, Dl-Alpha Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E), Calcium Propionate (preservative), Ascorbic Acid (preservative), Total Microorganisms (Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus coagulans, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus fermentum, Lactobacillus reuteri, Lactobacillus plantarum) 4×10^9 cfu

Guaranteed Analysis

Moisture (max) 12%, Crude Fiber (max) 14%

05-Cranberry for Dogs – Bladder Support.



Cranberry is a supplementary feed that helps keep the bladder and urinary tract healthy. The cranberry is a very sour berry with a red color, which is caused by proanthocyanides. Acidification creates an environment that prevents the growth of unwanted organisms.


Animal species optimal dosage
Dog 1-3 capsules (depending on weight)
Cat 1 Haircut

Unless otherwise specified, once a day.



Can be given over the feed. The capsules can be opened to mix well with the feed. Moisten the powder so that it does not blow out of the bowl. The capsules can also be administered in something delicious like cheese or sausage.

If your animal doesn’t like the product, the powder can be given with some meat or yogurt. In cats, some meat can give it. If the animal doesn’t like it, mix Cranberry with a very small amount in the feed and then build up the dosage.

Duration of treatment

In an acute situation, treatment is relatively short. It can vary from a few days to 3 weeks.

If there is an improvement, the administration of the agent should continue for a few days.

With long-lasting symptoms, the effect is usually visible after 1 to 3 weeks. If there is an improvement, a maintenance dosage can be used. 

This is usually half of the dose stated on the packaging. When dosing the agent, pay close attention to the animal’s reaction. In the beginning, a higher amount may be necessary.

This agent can easily be administered in a double dose. Gradually decrease the amount to the lowest dose that is possible.

This product can be given permanently in the maintenance dosage. Repeat the treatment immediately if necessary.

If a bladder infection is suspected, the veterinarian should always be consulted

06- NaturVet – All-in-One Support – Helps Support Your Pet’s Essential Needs 



NaturVet – All-In-One – 120 soft chewing items (480 g / 16.9 oz.)

NaturVet All-In-One can be used in dogs aged 12 weeks. Helps support overall health.

Also contains glucosamine and chondroitin for additional joint support in dogs.

All-in-one 4-in-1 support soft chew items are the ideal product for your pet’s most important needs:

  • Digestion,
  • Skin and fur
  • Vitamins and minerals

NaturVet History

In the summer of 1994, my NaturVet founder and his wife Traci saved their white lab from Winston. Winston was diagnosed with arthritis and hip dysplasia. 

Several veterinarians recommended that he be put down, but that was never an option for them. They started researching alternative medicine in collaboration with Dr. Pedro Rivera, a renowned holistic veterinarian.

After a few months, they developed a natural joint formula that gave Winston a second chance at life.Winston went on to enjoy ten long years of playing and swimming with his brothers.

They soon found others who only wanted the best for their pets – NaturVet natural pet additives were born.

NaturVet has been making natural products for more than 20 years to guarantee the quality of the animals they deserve.

Garmon Corp. is a fully compliant cGMP standard facility that meets the highest industry standards.

They are an FDA registered and audited facility and third parties audited by UL Labs. They are also a NASC-approved member that has theNASC seal on their labels and is a symbol of “quality assurance” for consumers.

NaturVet ‘s Foundation

A percentage of all NaturVet product sales are donated to support pet rescue groups and their efforts. The NaturVet Foundation consists entirely of unpaid volunteers.

All donations or donations will be deducted from these efforts with minimal cost and administrative fees.

I always knew that there was grace, empathy and generosity deep in every human heart.

Nobody was born because he hated or abused another living being because of his skin color, background, race or religion.

People have to learn to hate and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, because love is more natural to the human heart than its opposite. “


07-Zesty Paws Senior Advanced Multivitamin for Dogs 


Product Description

8 in 1 multivitamins for seniors – zesty paws Senior Advanced Level Multivitamin bites are nutritious soft chews with vitamin, mineral and nutrient-rich ingredients that promote wellness for small, medium and large geriatric canines.

Hip & Joint Support – this additional strength supplement contains a complex of qmin + turmeric curcumin, optimsm, chondroitin and glucosamine for dogs to promote comfort for the hips and joints to relieve pain and arthritis problems.

Skin & coat health

 For dogs with itchy skin, hot spots or weak and cast coats, this multivitamin contains cod liver oil and a mixture of vitamin a, vitamin E and biotin to nourish the skin and fur for a healthy appearance.

Digestive, immune and bladder function

with digestive enzymes, Cran-Max cranberry, vitamin C and Ceylon cinnamon, this formula for canine geriatrics supports healthy digestion, the kidney and bladder and immune function.

Heart, vision & cognitionevery

bite-sized treatment also contains coenzyme q10 (coq10), Lutemax 2020 (lutein and zeaxanthin) and folic acid to promote cardiovascular health, eye health and general cognitive brain function.


08-Zesty Paws Allergy Immune Supplement for Dogs – with Omega 3 Wild Alaskan Salmon Fish Oil

Aller-Immune-BitesProduct Description

Zesty Paws Allergy Immune Bites are chewable grain-free treats that contain digestive and immune-boosting ingredients that promote a healthy response to food, skin, seasonal, and environmental allergies to help your dog feel happy and healthy.

 It provides omega-3 fatty acids epa and dha, which supports immune health for dogs with skin allergies that can cause itching. These dog probiotics and allergy immune boosters are suitable for dogs – small, large, senior, & puppies.

Boost the immune system

Zesty paws All-Immune-Bites are grain-free soft chews that support immune, histamine and digestive health for dogs with skin and environmental allergy problems.

Enhanced with Epicor

At 80 mg per chew, Epicor contains vitamins, proteins, fiber and antioxidants that have been clinically proven to support the body’s natural immune system to keep your dog healthy.

Prebiotic & Probiotic Complex

These supplements feature a powerful prebiotic and five strains of probiotics for 250 million cfu of healthy bacteria that support pet digestion and immune health.

Wild alaskan salmon oil – each chew contains salmon fish oil to provide omega-3 fatty acids epa & dha, the skin and immune support for dogs with allergies that cause itching and hot spots.

Natural ingredients:

 These chewable tablets contain colostrum, a pre-milk that helps with allergies, immune function and digestion, as well as apple cider vinegar and organic licorice root for additional care.

09-Zesty Paws Probiotic For Dogs – With Natural Digestive Enzymes + Prebiotics 



Zesty paws probiotic for dogs – with natural digestive enzymes + prebiotics & pumpkin – for diarrhea & upset stomach + gas & constipation – allergy & immune + hot spots – chicken taste.

Stomach Problem

No more stomach problems – zesty paws probiotic bites contain 3 billion cfu of      prebiotics and probiotics to help dogs with gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, and stomach upset.

Featuring ganedenbc30 – these soft chews include ganedenbc30, a premium Bacillus Coagulans probiotic that resists stomach acid as it reaches the intestines to aid digestion, flora, and intestinal bacteria.

Natural Enzymes & Dietary Fiber

These daily dog ​​chewing treatments contain papaya to support the digestive enzyme and pumpkin as a dietary fiber and prebiotic source to support motility and bowel movement for your dog.

Immunity & Allergy Support

This pet supplement is important for any doggy with a weak immune system, hot spots, allergies, and even bad breath due to poor digestion. 

Up again: Discomfort – these grain-free chewable treats give dog pets maximum quality anti-diarrhea and bloating support to easily digest and increase wellness for every puppy, adult, or senior doggie.

10#The Missing Link Original All Natural Superfood Dog Supplement- Balanced Omega 3 & 6 


Product Overview

Fur kiddo’s coat looking a little dull? Four-legged friend itching like crazy?

Add a daily helping of The Missing Link ORIGINAL Superfood Skin & Coat formula and let the “good hair days” roll!

Chock full of not only balanced Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, but phytonutrients and dietary fibers too.

This power packed superfood supplement goes to work on helping your fur kiddo be healthy both inside and out. We’d say that’s a pretty potent spoonful.

Fur kiddos not getting around like he or she used to? Add a daily helping of The Missing Link® Original Ultimate Canine Hip, Joint & Coat to your pet’s food.

This powerful, powdered superfood supplement (say that three times fast!) is chock full of joint and bone health supporting.

Glucosamine and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, as well as dietary fiber and phytonutrients to support your pet’s digestive system and overall health and happiness.Add a spoonful to your fur kid’s bowl and get ready to run… or at least go for a really long walk.

HIP & JOINT MOBILITY – Add a daily spoonful to your dog’s food to help promote healthy joints, flexibility, skin, coat and sustained energy levels.

POWERFUL POWDER – Chock full of joint and bone health supporting glucosamine and is formulated to achieve the optimum balance of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Plus dietary fiber and phytonutrients to support the digestion and overall health.

FRESHEST SUPERFOOD NUTRITION – Our cold processed supplement packs all of the vital nutrients your dog’s kibble is likely missing through sourcing and/or the cooking process.

ONLY THE GOOD STUFF – You won’t find any artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or GMOs in our ingredients, only the best all-natural, wholesome nutrition on earth.

FEED ONCE DAILY – Depending on your dog’s weight, add the suggested amount to your fur kiddo’s food as a daily supplement. This product is formulated for all dog breeds.

Quality Products

Have peace of mind knowing that your order will arrive original factory sealed packaging. That means that you’ll have the full force of the manufacturer’s warranty to protect your purchase.


We are committed to making sure that you leave this transaction satisfied. That means having access to real people that get your questions and concerns answered quickly. Give us a shot and we will make sure that you will look to us again!











Bernese Mountain Dog: Everything You Need to Know

Bernese Mountain Dog

General Description

The breed standard prescribes that the Mountain Dog must be a: “Long-haired, tricolor, powerful, agile, harmonious, well-proportioned dog with robust limbs and whose size is above average”. It has an imposing appearance. The shape of the head is very harmonious and the general bone structure is quite heavy. It has a large trunk with important proportions. The most sought-after colors include a tricolor coat with white feet and the tip of the white tail. He is a dog who loves to move outdoors and is not very suitable for life in the apartment, does not like to be alone for too long and is quite emotionally sensitive. It is able to withstand rather rigid temperatures while shows signs of impatience at too warm temperatures.

Bernese Mountain Dog

 It is faithful to his family and loves to play with children. It does not have a particular tendency to bite or hunt prey, but needs daily exercise to release the stress levels accumulated during the hours at home. The cost of maintenance, for its health and coat, can be quite high.


Height from 58 to 70 cm

Longevity from 6 to 10 years


Bernese Mountain Dog

The breed standard prescribes that the Mountain Dog must be a: “Long-haired, tricolor, powerful, agile, harmonious, well-proportioned dog with robust limbs and whose size is above average”. It has an imposing appearance. The shape of the head is very harmonious and the general bone structure is quite heavy. It has a large trunk with important proportions. The most sought-after colors include a tricolor coat with white feet and the tip of the white tail. The height at the withers / body length ratio (measured from the tip of the shoulder to the tip of the buttock) = about 9:10 – It is more collected than stretched. In the ideal case, the height at the withers is as high as the chest 2: 1.

Physical characteristics:Bernese Mountain Dog

Colors: red, white, black, brown

Hair: smooth, long

Coat: tricolor


Great Dane , St. Bernard , Bullmastiff , Dog Central Asian Shepherd , Giant Schnauzer


Bernese Mountain Dog

The price of a Bernese mountain dog breed puppy, tested and comes with pedigree stands between 1,500 and 1,800 euro. Given the pathologies to which it could be subject, it is recommended to buy a puppy only from breeders of proven experience and seriousness who test their subjects. Obviously, it must be in possession of the pedigree. As anticipated, the Bevier has requires specific controls that should be performed every six months. The food will be of excellent quality to ensure good growth and excellent maintenance. Spending quality food for a Bernese mountain dog adult is about 70 Euros per month.

The 5 best features:

  • Affectionate towards the family
  • Friendly with children
  • Relationship with strangers
  • Sociability with other dogs
  • Tolerance to cold temperatures

The 5 most problematic features:

  • Tolerance to hot temperatures
  • Tendency to hunt prey
  • Hair care and loss
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Health and disease

Character and sociability

 The Breed Standard defines the Bernese mountain dog as follows: “Well balanced, attentive, alert and fearless in all situations of daily life. He is good-natured and faithful to family members, confident and peaceful with strangers; of medium and docile temperament “.

Affectionate towards the family

The Bernese mountain dog loves his family and adapts to live in any place as long as he can stay in his core. He has a great predisposition for all members and affectionately disputes all. He has a deep connection with his “pack leader” to whom he dedicates affection and attention.

Very friendly with children

Bernese Mountain Dog

Together with the children, the Bernese mountain dog rediscovers his playful character that distinguishes him in the first months of life. His attitude also translates into unconditional affection for the little ones who, however, must never be left alone during their interaction with a dog and adult surveillance is always recommended.

 Relationship with strangers

The Bernese is decidedly tolerant of strangers. He never has aggressive attitudes towards people he doesn’t know but he will still be a good guard dog when his territory or his family is endangered or presumed to be in danger. Therefore, in the presence of foreigners, it is always useful for the owner to be present to avoid misunderstandings.

«Sociable with other dogs»

The Bernese mountain dog is a playful dog therefore it is very predisposed to socializing with other dogs. Obviously, he will have been brought up to contact with his fellows since he was a puppy. Despite the sweet character and the temperament predisposed to new encounters, it is useful to always be careful and be very attentive to the signals of your Bernese during the interaction between subjects of the same sex.


«Not suitable for apartment living»

Bernese Mountain

The Bernese mountain dog is a large breed that is not very suitable for apartment life if you do not have the possibility of a courtyard or land. He loves very much, like all dogs, to stay next to the owner and to share everything with his family so he will adapt to home walls if he is careful to take him out several times a day to walk and run.

«Little tolerance to be alone»

Bernese Mountain Dog

It is imperative to know that it is not possible to leave a Bernese alone for too long. Leaving him alone, especially inside an apartment, can mean not knowing what surprises will be found once he returns, given that he is an active dog and with a tendency to develop particular activities, such as digging or chewing objects.

«Moderately suitable as a first dog»

The Bernese mountain dog is a working breed that loves the owner very much and that is well suited to his requests. This, however, involves an education imparted from an early age since bad habits could undermine and make training less easy. It has a sufficiently docile attitude but it is necessary, before buying a puppy, to be well aware that, despite the appearance of a stuffed animal, this breed has its own character that outlines its characteristics.

  Tolerance to cold temperatures

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese mountain dog, grown at high altitude and therefore used to resisting rather cold temperatures, can only be an excellent dog to own if you live in rather rigid areas. Its coat, rather long and dense, allows it to remain protected in these environments and to maintain excellent reactivity during the course of daily interaction, without showing particular signs of subsidence or poor endurance.

 Tolerance to hot temperatures

Bernese Mountain Dog

As previously said, the Bernese mountain dog is a breed that loves the mountains and cold climates so it does not adapt well to the heat. It will be necessary to have some precautions during the summer months and to offer him a sheltered but cool and ventilated place. It could be subject, like many others, to heat stroke.


Hair care and loss

One of the problems of the Bernese Mountain Dog could be hair loss. Its coat is very well stocked and tends to lose hair in a rather copious way, especially during seasonal wetsuits. You have to take care of the Bernese fur and brush it often enough. It will avoid having fur around and, above all, it will keep its beautiful coat in perfect condition, facilitating regrowth.

Salivation and containment of the burr

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog may be subject to a difficulty in containing salivation, but it is an aspect that can be easily overcome. If it should have a copious loss it is recommended to check the oral to make sure there are no infections or inflammations in the gums or teeth.

Ease of Cleaning

Bernese Mountain Dog

Being a long-haired dog, the cleaning measures are both daily, with daily brushing, and weekly. The eyes, ears and oral cavity should be checked, as well as the interdigital areas. Just keep it clean with a brush and carder and limit the baths during the times of the suit.

Health and Disease

Bernese Mountain Dog

It is a breed that has a rather low longevity and that can grow and develop quite classic pathologies in dogs, such as dysplasia, or Von Willebrand disease, but also other problems such as forms of cancer and, above all, degenerative myelopathy and malignant histiocytosis. It is always advisable to periodically subject the Bernese to a rather comprehensive checkup.


a) Intelligence and training

Bernese Mountain Dog

Breed of great intelligence and predisposition to learning that, in history, has been accustomed to carrying out tasks of help for man especially on farms. Tasks that are of great competence to him, such as towing the cart to support the products cultivated by farmers, especially before the arrival of means of transport.

b) Very faithful and not very prone to leaks»

The Bernese Mountain Dog is an extremely loyal dog. The habit of sharing daily life with the owner, also performing rather complex tasks, has strengthened the affinity in the relationship between the dog and the man. The Bernese is not inclined to leave his place and his family even to chase a possible prey or for fun.


Tendency to bite

To distinguish the Bernese Mountain Dog is the absolute tranquility of this breed that does not show particular inclinations to bite and when it does it manages to perfectly distinguish the level of interaction and the intensity of the bite that can get to give.

Tendency to hunt prey

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a “farm” dog that loves animals and, socialized, has no tendency to hunt prey.

Tendency to bark or howl

The Bernese Mountain Dog can be an excellent warning, although it is not considered a guard dog. He has an excellent predisposition towards anyone and, unless his family and territory are endangered, he does not bother to bark unnecessarily. He has no tendency to howl.

Tendency to play

Bernese Mountain Dog


The Bernese Mountain Dog is a playful dog who loves to spend time with the owner and the family children. As already stated, it is a lively and full of vitality breed which are the best qualities for a dog that loves the playful aspect very much. He will treat strangers with friendship, if they are able to entertain him by entertaining him

 Tendency to gain weight

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog tends to maintain a more than balanced line. He is an agile dog that allows him a fairly good condition regarding the line. It does not present a tendency to gain weight. However, the owner’s attentions regarding the control of the feeding of the dog are indispensable. It must not be two meals a day with the due exercise.


     Energy level

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese is an energetic and full of initiative dog. He loves working and would need to be able to spend his energy by applying it in some exercise. It is lively and dynamic as well as joyful and playful. As for the Bernese, there are parade initiatives for cart shooting, in which it would be useful to have him participate, and it would be advisable not to miss long walks where he can spend his vitality.

Strenuous Exercise

Bernese Mountain Dog

The mountain dog is a moderately vigorous breed. He does not need a particular education to relate to everyone because he is very willing towards anyone. He has in fact a sociable and playful temperament and a curiosity that heightens his intelligence and his collaboration towards the owner and the family.

Average exercise needs»

The Bernese is a dog that needs to spend its energy on exercise. It is mainly a breed suitable for sporty people and loves walking in the open air, especially in the mountains. He has a strong predisposition to “shooting”, therefore he will have to get used to it as a puppy on a leash. For the Bovaro, it would be useful if exercised with a cart to remedy the real lack of the working phase as a human assistant.




The Best Dry Dog Food For Your Favorite Puppy

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Although there are many types of food   for your pet, but dry dog food endure one of the most ideal not only by pet owner but also by veterinarians. Unfortunately, not all doggies’ food are expressed for your pet’s finest diet. That’s why selection of a well dog dry food is must if we want our pet friend to grow their best. The team at matterhow.com are working at some of the best dry dog food brands which you can consider including in their diet.Best Dry Dog Food



  1. Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Dog Food Recipe
  2. Taste of the Wild Pet Food.
  3. Purina ONE Smart Blend Natural Adult Dry Dog Food
  4. CANIDAE All Life Stages, Premium Dry Dog Food with Whole Grains
  5. Eukanuba Breed Specific Rottweiler Dry Dog Food, 30 lb
  6. Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Puppy Food
  7. Wellness Core Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food Original Turkey & Chicken
  8. CESAR Gourmet Wet Dog Food.
  9. ORIJEN High-Protein, Grain-Free, Premium Quality Meat, Dry Dog Food

[table id=2 /]


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1- Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Dog Food Recipe


Air drying is a technique that has been used for centuries to naturally preserve meat. Their modern method remains faithful to this artisan approach while eliminating the need for artificial preservativesBest Dog Food, sugars or glycerides. Their slow and gentle two-phase air-drying process creates a nutritious and digestible food like a completely raw but safe diet (it also eliminates pathogenic bacteria, such as E. coli, salmonella, and listeria), clean to manage and able to keep up to 21 months. We are sure that your dog will love it!


i. Mackerel & Lamb


A perfect blend of New Zealand blue mackerel caught in the wild, lamb reared in the open air and green mussel. Complete and balanced for all races and stages of life. Ziwi Peak air-dried lamb and lamb can help promote: – Healthy skin and coat – Joint health and mobility – Decreased food allergy sensitivity – Improved digestion.

Weight Control Ingredients

Mackerel, Lamb, Lamb Heart, Lamb Tripe, Lamb Liver, Lamb Lung, New Zealand Green Mussel, Lamb Kidney, Lamb Bone, Lecithin, Chicory Inulin, Dried Seaweed, Minerals (Phosphate Phosphate) magnesium, Magn3esium sulphate, Zinc amino acid complex, Copper Amino acid complex, iron amino acid complex, manganese amino acid complex, selenium yeast), salt, parsley, preservative (citric acid, mixed tocopherols), vitamins (supplement of vitamin E, thiamine mononitrate, vitamin D3 supplement, folic acid).

Analytical components

Protein 47%, fat 30%, Fiber 1%, humidity, 8.0% ash 10.0% Carbohydrates 4%. Calories 4800 kcal / kg Chondroitin Sulphate 1500 1630 mg / kg


ii. Tripe and Lamb


Free-range lamb from Nuoca Zealand grass; includes higher levels of Tripe than other recipes. Complete and balanced for all races and stages of life. A monoprotic option for pets with allergies and protein sensitivity, containing higher levels of tripe, for greater palatability and digestive benefits. Tripe is also preserved in its most natural form and never scalded, steamed or bleached. Perfect finish, we add seaweed as a natural source of vitamins and minerals and New Zealand green mussel for natural glucosamine and chondroitin. Ziwi Peak air-dried tripe and lamb can help promote:


Lamb tripe, lamb, lamb heart, lamb liver, lamb lung, lamb kidney, New Zealand green mussel, lamb bone, lecithin, chicory inulin, dry seaweed, minerals (dipotassium phosphate, sulfate sulfate) magnesium, zinc amino complex, cupric amino acid complex, a complex of iron amino acids, the complex of manganese amino acids, selenium yeast), salt, parsley, preservative (citric acid, mixed tocopherols), vitamins (vitamin E supplement, mononitrate of thiamine, vitamin D3 supplement, folic acid).

Analytical components:

Protein 39%, fat 34%, Fiber 1%, humidity 8.0%, ash 10.0%, Carbohydrate 8%. Calories 5200, Chondroitin Sulphate 1500 1630 mg / kg


iii. Beef

A monoprotein option for dogs with allergies or protein sensitivities.
ZIWI Beef only comes from local New Zealand herds,ensuring that the animals are free, fed on grass.

For the perfect finishing touch, we add algae as a natural source of vitamins and minerals, and New Zealand green mussels for natural glucosamine and chondroitin.
ZIWI Peak Air-Dried Beef can help promote:
Decreased food allergy sensitivity
Healthy skin and coat.
Improved digestion.
Joint health and mobility.


Beef, beef heart, beef kidney, beef tripe, beef liver, beef lung, New Zealand green mussel, beef bone, lecithin, chicory inulin, dried kelp, minerals (dipotassium phosphate, magnesium sulfate, zinc amino complex, cupric amino acid complex, iron amino acid complex, manganese amino acid complex, selenium yeast), salt, parsley, preservative (citric acid, mixed tocopherols), vitamins (vitamin E supplement, thiamine mononitrate, vitamin D3 supplement, folic acid).

Analytical Components

Protein 38%, fat 30%, Fiber 2%, humidity 14%, ash 12%, Caloric content (calculated) 5500 kcal ME / kg | 312 kcal ME / a scoop, Chondroitin sulphate min. 1300mg / kg.


Why choose Air-dried ZIWI PEAK?

Ziwi peak we have is a New Zealand company that brought together the best ingredients from the pristine free pastures and blue oceans of New Zealand to create an inimitable food. For them, dogs are carnivorous and thrive on eating meat. Their bodies are not designed to digest carbohydrates such as cereals, corn, potatoes, and rice as for humans and consequently giving these ingredients to your dogs can often cause allergies, skin irritations and many other health problems; their recipes, however, carefully elaborated, reflect the principle of whole prey rich in healthy meat, which helps your dog to spend a long, happy and healthy life.

Their air-dried recipes contain 96% meat, organs, and bones, including 3% New Zealand green mussel to provide a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin, 7% is specific green tripe to give greater palatability and digestive benefits. All Ziwi recipes are complete and balanced for all races and stages of life. They are rich in natural proteins and kilocalories, therefore by accumulating more energy from food, the daily doses will be lower! In their recipes, there is no lack of nourishment,

you can feel good without including cereals, potatoes, corn, wheat, soy, sugars and glycerin, that’s why their list of ingredients is shorter than most other foods.



Salient Features:

a. ZiwiPeak is adapted to your dog’s digestion

With carnivores, the digestive process begins in the stomach with much stronger acids, aimed at digesting flesh and bones. Particularly suitable for this specialization is a diet with many animal proteins and fats and scarce or absent carbohydrates.

b. ZiwiPeak prevents weight problems

The percentage of dogs with obesity is increasing, recent studies in the United States show that as many as 40% of dogs suffer from obesity (obesity). The most common reason is that dogs eat too large portions of a diet with a high percentage of carbohydrates. The FRESH meat and FRESH fish diet ensure that the dog receives nutrients in a way that adapts to the anatomy.


c. ZiwiPeak reduces flatulence and stool volume

Unlike cereal and potato-based foods, dogs can digest ZiwiPeak almost completely, reducing flatulence and stool volume.


d. ZiwiPeak guarantees optimal nutritional value

In order for dogs to obtain as many nutrients as possible from food, it is important to preserve the original nutritional value as much as possible during food processing. ZiwiPeak allows products to air dry, reducing humidity and maintaining good nutrients, after which it is packaged in an airtight container, an effective way to maintain nutritional value.





Taste of the Wild is an American super-premium food brand.Its products do not contain cereals.One of the main characteristics of these foods isBest Dog Dry Food the presence of a high amount of easily digestible proteins.Taste of the Wild offers a balanced diet, most similar to the natural one.

Products Of Taste Of The Wild 

Each product of the Taste of the Wild brand is created on the basis of an original recipe. The main series of products includes 5 dishes for dogs:

  • Wetlands: with smoked turkey, fried quail and duck;
  • Pacific Stream: with smoked salmon;
  • Southwest: with wild boar, mutton and beef;
  • High Prairie: with fried venison and buffalo;
  • Sierra Mountain: with lamb.

Any food can be both dry and wet. The Taste of the Wild product line also offers several well-balanced puppy foods.Among the brand’s specialties we also find a cat dish, called Rocky Mountain (with smoked salmon and fried venison).


Salient Features:

a) Quality assurance.

All Taste of the Wild food products comply with AAFCO (American Association of State Food Control Products for Animals) standards.

b) Unique flavor.

The products have a distinct taste that is very popular with animals. This characteristic is obtained thanks to the use of appetizing ingredients: venison, buffalo, etc.

without flavor enhancers and similar synthetic food additives.

c) Healthy ingredients.

Taste of the Wild food products are characterized by a great diversity of meat ingredients. These are easily digestible sources of protein (real building material for all body tissues).

Oceanic fish, in turn, is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 polyunsaturated acids, essential for the health of the skin and the vascular system.

Fruit, vegetables and herbs enrich the animal’s body with fiber and complex carbohydrates, necessary for good digestion. These also represent natural antioxidants that slow down the aging process.

d) Modern preparation technology.

For the preparation of dry Taste of the Wild foods, the steam treatment method is used, with water purified through reverse osmosis. Therefore, carefully chosen ingredients retain practically all useful characteristics. 



3-Purina ONE Smart Blend Natural Adult Dry Dog Food


Purina has a variety of dry dog food product to meet your dog dietary needs, regardless of his size or age. Purina one is a brand of best dog and cat food. Purina one foods certainly contain some type of Best Dog Dry Foodmeat as their first named components, while still containing by-products, whole corn and grain fragments.


Developed by our vets and nutritionists, purina one formulas are rich in chicken or lamb and contain proteins from high quality ingredients which: – are highly digestible; – help support healthy immune function; – promote strong and toned muscles; – help maintain a slim body.


COMPOSITION:, Dehydrated poultry protein, Wheat, Corn, Chicken (14%), Animal fat, Vegetable fiber, Rice (4%), Dehydrated beetroot pulp, Flavoring innards, Gluten, Minerals

High quality ingredients

Developed by our veterinarians and nutritionists, PURINA ONE formulas are rich in chicken or lamb and contain proteins from high quality ingredients that:

  • are highly digestible
  • they help support healthy immune function
  • they promote strong and tonic exits
  • they help maintain a lean body.

PURINA ONE formulas also contain all the key nutrients to provide a complete and balanced food for your dog and help it by providing excellent immune support, today and tomorrow.


  • Supports a strong immune system thanks to a special combination of antioxidants
  • Oral hygiene for teeth and gums thanks to essential nutrients and crunchy bites

Recommended daily ration

The recommended daily quantities must be modified according to the climatic conditions, the level of activity of the dog and his physical condition.

Since Purina ONE is a complete dry food , your dog does not need any additional supplements or meals .



04- CANIDAE All Life Stages, Premium Dry Dog Food with Whole Grains


                Best Dog Dry Food

From puppies, to adults, to older dogs, meals in multiple dog families can be very complicated. With Stages of Life canidae – All Life Stages Formula, meals are easy. It is formulated with all the vitamins and minerals suitable for each stage of life, breeding, and size. There is no need to juggle different foods for all the dogs in your family. It is also a great choice for families with a single dog, because you will never have to transition from puppy to adult or a senior adult. You can simply continue feeding the same food for all stages of life!


Our life CANIDAE Stages – All stages of Formula life is rich in high quality protein, natural chicken meal, turkey meal, lamb meal, and fish meal. Our other healthy ingredients include healthy brown rice, peas, papaya, and sage to provide your dog with a great tasting, perfectly balanced meal. We never use ingredients like wheat, corn or soy. You won’t find fillers, antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial colors, or anything artificial in any of our foods. All of our pet food formulas are made in the USA.


A Powerful Trio.

Our Health PLUS unique solutions is a powerful trio of great nutrition. We apply this key trio of each croquettes after the cooking process to ensure the guaranteed levels of live probiotics for healthy digestion, powerful antioxidants for a healthy immune system, and omega 6 and 3 for beautiful skin and fur.


CANIDAE vita Stages chicken flour and rice Formula:

A formula for all ages, breeds and sizes Made with high quality chicken flour for good nutrition. Great for dogs and puppies of all ages who make meals with most pets or life transition stages much less complicated. Provides balanced nutrition from quality ingredients including healthy brown rice and peas. Guaranteed levels of live probiotics for healthy digestion.


  • optimal protein for nutritionally dense formulas.
  • Premium ingredients: no corn, wheat, or soy.
  • Vet formulated for all ages, races & sizes.
  • Probiotics to help support healthy digestion.
  • Omega 6 & 3 to help support beautiful skin & coat.
  • Made in USA.
  • Flavor Name: Chicken, Turkey, Lamb & Fish.
  • Size: 44-Pound.




                 05Eukanuba Breed Specific Rottweiler Dry Dog Food, 30 lb



Best Dog Dry Food

 Your dog accompanies you in everything you do. For this reason it deserves superior nutrition that brings its most extraordinary side day after day.Food for medium-sized adult dogs Weight control is ideal for helping medium dogs maintain a healthy weight.Chicken is our main source of protein, so the diet of dogs, like good carnivores, is made with more natural ingredients.Promotes strong and compact muscles so that they can face any challenge.EUKANUBA Food for medium-sized dogs for adult dogs uses DentaDefense 3D technology.


Eukanuba is a brand of the Procter & Gamble group with more than 40 years of experience, which produces food for dogs and cats , using animal proteins from eggs, chicken, lamb and fish. Eukanuba foods have passed rigorous quality controls aimed at development and innovation in the food sector. The nutritional philosophy of Eukanuba is based on the notion that dogs and cats are carnivorous origins and therefore need a meat diet. For this reason, Eukanuba croquettes have only high quality animal proteins , such as eggs, chicken, lamb and fish. TheEukanuba foods have passed strict quality controls to ensure development and innovation in the field of animal nutrition; choose Eukanuba and you will be sure to give your pet the best WEIGHT 15 Kg, 3 Kg, 12 KG



  • Eukanuba brand
  • GAMMA Eukanuba Adult
  • Soft PhysicalActivity
  • Adult age
  • TASTE Chicken, Turkey
  • DOG SIZE SMALL Breed, Medium Breed
  • PARTICULAR Sterile Attention
  • Quantity 3 Kg, 15 Kg, 12 Kg

It cleans the dog’s teeth with each bite, reduces the formation of tartar by up to 80% and helps to strengthen the teeth



06-Natural Balance L.I.D.


               Best Dog Dry food

Formulated with a limited list of premium protein and carbohydrate sources, this LID Limited Ingredients Diet formula is excellent if you are looking for alternative ingredients for your pet. LID Limited Ingredient Diets Potato & Duck Formula Dry Dog Food is a grain-free diet that is also designed to keep your dog’s digestive health healthy while supporting healthy skin and a shiny, luxury coat.


potatoes, duck meal, duck, rapeseed oil (with natural mixed tocopherols), potato protein, potato fiber, natural flavor, dicalcium phosphate, salt, salmon oil (a source of DHA), calcium carbonate, linseed, potassium chloride, choline chloride, taurine, natural mixed tocopherols, L-carnitine, Yucca Schidigera extract, vitamin E supplement, iron proteinate, zinc proteinate, copper proteinate, iron sulfate, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, potassium iodide, thiamine mononitrate (vitamin B-1), manganese proteinate, manganese oxide, ascorbic acid, vitamin A supplement, Biotin, nicotinic acid, calcium pantothenate, manganese sulfate, sodium selenite, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B-6), vitamin B-12 supplement, riboflavin (vitamin B-2), vitamin D-3 supplement, folic acid.

Guaranteed analysis:

crude protein 21.0% minimum crude fat 10.0% minimum crude fiber 3.0% maximum moisture 10.0% maximum calcium 1.0% minimum phosphorus 0.8% minimum docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) * 0.01% minimum omega-6 fatty acids * 1.7% minimum omega-3 fatty acids * 0.5 % Minimum * Not recognized as an important nutrient by the AAFCO dog food nutritional profiles. Dick Van Patten Natural Balance LID Limited Ingredient Diets Potato Duck Formula for Dogs is formulated to meet the nutritional values ​​established by the AAFCO dog food nutritional profiles for all stages of life.


  • Grain free dog food.
  • Minimizes the number of ingredients dogs are exposed to.
  • Maintains digestive health.
  • Supports healthy skin and fur.
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.



 07-Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food Original Turkey & Chicken



Best Dog Dry Food
Wellness is a brand owned by the WellPet Company, a private family-run company active since 1926, exclusively engaged in natural nutrition for dogs and cats.

Wellness for over 90 years has developed, thanks to the experience of veterinarians, a superior diet without cereals, rich in high quality meat, moderate fats, minimal carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, dietary fiber, live lactic ferments, chondroprotectors, vitamins , minerals and antioxidants.


 Wellness Nutritional components

Wellness CORE contains all the nutritional components necessary to meet the food needs of the dog and cat, respecting their carnivorous nature, but suitable for today’s lifestyle: increased animal proteins, moderate fats, and reduced carbohydrates ( the only source is the sweet potato) make CORE ideal for dog and cat health.


Salient Features:

a) Balanced Diet:

Wellness CORE offers the perfect balance of all the ingredients in its formulations, without excess or nutritional deficiencies, making it a perfectly balanced diet.

b) Grain Free:

All Wellness CORE formulations are grain-free, respecting the natural diet, mainly carnivorous, of the dog and cat, which do not require them in their diet at all.The energy necessary for the animal is provided by animal proteins and not by fats and this makes CORE unique.The health benefits of animals are visible and scientifically proven.

c)Fur and cute

Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, flax seeds, salmon oil, essential vitamins and minerals (zinc, vitamin E) for healthy skin and a shiny coat.

d)Digestive well-being

Prebiotics and probiotics, Vitamins A and B combined with essential minerals contribute to keeping the digestive tract healthy, therefore stool reduced to a minimum and well formed.

e)Eyes, teeth and gums

 Contain Vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium for good health.


Complete and balanced recipes with high quality proteins, selected fats and carbohydrates and B vitamins ensure that your pet stays in shape with a strong heart and good muscle tone.

f)Immune system

High quality proteins, vitamins A and B and essential minerals promote the effectiveness of your pet’s immune system.

Wellness CORE – Without Cereals, Rich in Proteins

Wellness CORE offers superior quality nutrition, without artificial ingredients or additives that can be harmful to dogs and cats.

Thanks to whole carbohydrates, selected fats, real fruit and vegetables and super nutrients such as prebiotics and probiotics, Wellness CORE offers each animal a complete and balanced diet.

The entire range of Wellness CORE products is Grain Free and is naturally hypoallergenic to offer the best to our four-legged friends, even the most sensitive.

i. Meat or fish as 1st ingredient

to ensure the best nutrition, in full respect of the mainly carnivorous nature of the dog and cat. moreover, the presence of the right amount of animal protein promotes a lean and robust muscle mass, a shiny coat and healthy skin, a more effective immune system.

ii.Complete absence of cereals and reduction of the total amount of carbohydrates

The Wellness CORE formulation is ideal for ensuring that every bite is rich in adequate and non-harmful nutrients. A natural and hypoallergenic recipe that makes Wellness CORE suitable for even the most sensitive dogs and cats.

iii.Guaranteed DHA levels:

to support brain and vision development, they make puppies easily trainable and ensure the best start for a healthy life. The addition of antioxidants helps strengthen the immune system.

iv.Controlled fat levels:

so that the energy supply comes mostly from proteins, to maintain the ideal body weight and to avoid obesity problems in animals that lead a normal and more peaceful life.




8-CESAR Gourmet Wet Dog Food.



Best dog Dry FoodPuppies love to be spoiled with their favorite dishes. That’s why CESAR Canine Cooking wet dog food with chicken and beef, all in one delicious dish, makes each meal a special occasion for your little puppy. Each CESAR puppy food variety is fortified with vitamins and minerals to ensure a complete and balanced nutrition for your growing dog.

The CESAR Marca makes meal easy. by serving our wet gourmet food in convenient trays with no frills, peel-away freshness toppings. CESAR Canine Cucina Wet Dog Food also uses quality ingredients formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO nutritional food profiles of the dog for growth.FOOD A PUPPY 3/4 WITH 2 DISHES FOR 5kg of body weight, 2 times a day



  • CESAR Canine Cuisine puppy Variety provides a complete and balanced diet in a pate formulated only for puppies.
  • CESAR Canine Cuisine is fortified with vitamins and minerals to help dogs of all sizes, especially small dogs, stay healthy.
  • Our salty, wet food for gourmet dogs is served in convenient trays with ease, peel-away freshness toppings.
  • CESAR Canine Cuisine trays feature a tender and flavorful beef pate chicken with a meaty sauce formulated for small puppies who love variety.
  • Flavor Name: Chicken & Beef.
  • Size: 5 oz. (Pack of 24).



 09- ORIJEN High-Protein, Grain-Free, Premium Quality Meat, Dry Dog Food


Best Dog Ddry Food

    Orijen Puppy has a high percentage of protein deriving from a lot of fresh meat: dogs are by nature carnivorous, their short digestive tract is suitable for meat-based foods, rich in proteins and low in carbohydrates. Dogs are able to make optimal use of proteins as an energy source. Only a meat-based food guarantees your friend iron health. Current research has in fact shown that a high percentage of animal proteins also has positive effects for the kidneys. Orijen Puppy dry dog ​​food contains lots of highly digestible proteins and at least 70% of high quality fresh meat and fish.

  • Fresh Canadian Chicken Meat: Provides light protein and fat
  • fresh meat of Canadian turkeys: provides essential amino acids and natural vitamin B3
  • freshly caught white fish (Coregonus clupeaformis) in Canadian lakes
  • freshly caught king salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha): with a high concentration of omega 3 fatty acids (DHA, EPA), for healthy skin and shiny coat
  • fresh eggs from Canadian farms: they provide noble proteins, lutein and zeaxanthin for double vision protection.


       Orijen Puppy contains genuine local fruit and vegetables:

apples: bring vegetable fiber for better digestion and are rich in phytonutrients with antioxidant and cell protection properties

cranberries (cranberries): prevent urinary tract diseases and contain anthocyanins, phenolic dyes which, if taken regularly and in the right quantity, protect eyesight and the vascular system

spinach: totatoes: substantial ingredient that contains vitamins B and C as well as mineral salts

vine tomatoes: they contain healthy vitamins and powerful antioxidants such as beta carotene and lycopene

carrots: a source of beta carotene which is transformed into the body into vitamin A

Seetang seaweed: it contains 12 vitamins, 21 amino acids and over 60 minerals and trace elements

Chicory and Psyllium grains: rich sources of soluble dietary fiber that stabilize digestion and the blood sugar level

dandelion, fenugreek and licorice: protect and strengthen the liver, kidneys and metabolism

mint, turmeric, fennel seeds and chamomile flowers: calming action, they stimulate the intestinal tract among other things

calendula: contains flavonoids and lutein – reduces glycemic imbalances and improves digestion

Probiotics keep the intestinal flora in balance, stimulate the immune system and strengthen the natural defenses.

Essential fatty acids are present: from chicken and salmon fat, which improve skin and coat conditions.

Proteinates are present: mineral salts and trace elements with associated organic matrix for better bioavailability.

Glucosamine and chondroitin protect cartilage tissues and keep joints healthy.



Fresh boneless chicken meat (20%), dehydrated chicken meat (15%), fresh chicken liver (4%), fresh whole herring (4%), fresh boneless turkey meat (4%), dehydrated turkey meat (4%), fresh turkey liver (3%), whole fresh eggs (3%), fresh pike-perch without thorns (3%), fresh whole salmon (3%), fresh poultry heart (3%), cartilage of poultry (3%), dried herring (3%), dried salmon (3%), poultry liver oil (3%), poultry liver fat (2%), red lentils, green peas, green lentils, alpha alpha, yam roots, chickpeas, squash, trumpet squash, spinach leaves, carrots, red delicious apples, bartlett pears, cranberries, seaweed, licorice, angelica root, fennel, sweet fennel, peppermint leaves, chamomile, dandelion, savory, rosemary.


Physiological-nutritional additives: vitamin A (15,000 IU / kg), vitamin D3 (2,000 IU / kg), iron (40 mg / kg), iodine (3 mg / kg), copper (13 mg / kg), manganese (14 mg / kg), zinc (150 mg / kg), selenium (0.3 mg / kg). Orijen dog food does not contain artificial preservatives, but natural vitamin E.

Analytical Components

Protein: 38% – Crude fat: 20% – Crude ash (max.): 8% – Crude fiber (max.): 5% – Calcium: 1.4% – Phosphorus: 1.1% – Omega-6: 3 , 0% – Omega-3: 1.1% – EPA / DHA: 0.6% – Glucosamine: 1500 mg / kg – Chondroitin sulphate: 1200 mg / kg.

Instruction For Correct Use

The feed is ready for use and should be served at room temperature. Always leave fresh water available to the animal.

Average recommended ration

Weight of the dog Grams
1 – 4 kg. 30 – 80
5 – 10 kg. 90 – 150
11 – 25 kg. 170 – 300
26 – 44 kg. 320 – 450
45 – 60 kg. 470 – 580


  • Orijen Puppy is grain-free and low in carbohydrates.
  • Cereals are a mediocre source of protein and energy. 
  • Many veterinarians trace various pathologies to an excessive intake of this food.
  • The high percentage of carbohydrates contained in cereals.










Tibetan mastiff – One of the smart and powerful breeds

Tibetan mastiff

If you are searching for a rare species in dogs that have great affection and friendliness attributes?

You need to go for Tibetan mastiff that is perfect or your family.

Tibetan mastiff overview:

The Tibetan Mastiff is a serious, dignified, quiet and calm breed.

He will stay attentive each minute they are on the property.

This breed is regularly patient with his very own kids and other family pets, however, require cautious intro to those outside the family.

So you better keep other breeders away from him.

The Tibetan Mastiff dog frequently likes to be outside where he can view and watch his territory.

In spite of his attention seeking nature, this breed is surprisingly agile, talented at climbing and jumping, and requires a seven-foot high fence.

Tibetan Mastiffs additionally have a profound, immersive bark which they will in general use unreservedly, particularly around evening time when they are generally attentive.

Also, they once in a while dig deep holes to lie in.

  • Is Tibetan mastiff a good family dog?

When was the last time you want to own a pet that looks similar to a lion but still is a dog? Your answer is a Tibetan mastiff puppy.

Check out the facts you must know including,

      • He is larger, rough, and incredible, with a thick coat that arrives in an assortment of colors
      • Has a grave articulation, carries himself with a noble presence, and isn’t good to play Frisbee
      • don’t shed too much
      • It is quiet and calm indoors (as a grown-up)
      • Highly intelligent as self thinkers
      • Adores nature, particularly in cold atmospheres, and needs some space to romp
      • Looks quite imposing, however, aren’t generally aggressive unless provoked
      • Always eager to do exercises

Some characteristics of the Tibetan mastiff dog:

The Tibetan Mastiff breeder is an enormous one.

This dog’s appearance is compared with a wild bear. Here are some physical characteristics you must see such as,

1) Large dog (yet not a giant breed)

2) Mind-blowing stature and threatening stance

3) Long, feathery, and coarse coat, especially around the neck

4) Wooly undercoat

5) V-shaped ears

6) Expansive and impressive head

7) Deep, delicate yet expressive, almond-formed darker eyes

8) Feathered tail with a single curl

  • Health problems related to white Tibetan mastiff:

Despite the fact that Tibetan Mastiff puppies and adults are amazingly costly, they are a long way from being as perfect.

In the same way as other canine breeds, Tibetan Mastiffs are prone to some thyroid issues related to weight gain.

You can keep your Mastiff healthy by watching out for his or her eating routine to guarantee a normal thyroid.

  • How Much Tibetan Mastiff Price?

There is a reason why this dog is one of the most expensive breeds to date, and it will cost from $3000 to $6000 depending on their health and size whereas puppies will cost $1600.

Final verdict:

Fortunately, Tibetan mastiff can live up to 15 years and if you take care of their grooming and maintenance well.

Russian Dog Breed – Most Amazing And Gentle Family Pets

Does it look like you want to find out a perfect pet for homes?

You need to pick Russian dog breed that is the symbol of loyalty, beauty, and grace to be your first choice as a pet.

Russian dog breed overview:

There are many different breeds comes in Russian dog breeds, but only a few of them got the chance to be your first companion.

This is exactly the Borzoi used to be a useful hunting partner.

As a high energy creature but rather history expresses that they were raised to live an action-packed life.

They were first born in Russia in the mid 17th century.

The name Borzoi is really a Russian word signifying “quick” which portrays them and their praiseworthy to follow wolves.

Russian Borzoi dog appearance:

It has a slender body, long legs, and a tall form.

These characteristics additionally make them the ideal coursing contender.

Their flowy and sparkly coat makes them the ideal lead for a canine with too much hair around.

Their fur can be level and straight, thick and wavy, or voluminous and wavy.

Borzoi hounds likewise have a little, narrow head. Their almond eyes permit them a wide field of vision.

Russian dog breed

Borzoi dog weight and size comparison:

Males can grow up to 30 inches while females can grow up to 26 inches.

They weigh 55 to 120 pounds.

5 Grooming Tips for Russian Borzoi puppy:

Their soft and silky hair surface, these Russian Wolfhounds is less to get dust stuck on the fur. The reality remains that these Borzoi breeds are a high maintenance breed.

  • 1) To keep your sweetheart hound truly constantly, you should make sure to brush coat with a stick brush each week.
  • 2) Pay attention to her legs and ears while checking for rugs.
  • These parts are generally zones of grinding where tangled and tangled hair is shaped.
  • 3) Likewise, inspect the spot under the neckline just as the armpits.
  • Try not to utilize a wire slicker rush as it can wreck her rich hide.
  • 4) Borzoi hound breeds are overwhelming shedders so except if you need the whole house to be secured with free hide, dependably make sure to brush, brush, and brush.
  • 5) The coat that needs brushing. It is additionally encouraged to brush your Borzoi’s teeth twice or thrice up to seven days that you have room schedule

Russian Borzoi breeds dog training and exercise requirements:

They must begin training as a little puppy. As young as about two months, a Borzoi young doggie is equipped for adopting new skills and tricks. Exercise as play and other physical exercises are imperative to his wellbeing.

  • Is Borzoi Russian dog breed aggressive? Do they need socialization?

Of course, they are little aggressive but it can sort it out well. The real key to a respectful sighthound like this one is socialization. Introduce them with the family at an early age. Get them familiar with the children so they can become comfortable around them. 

Some basic health problems:

    • Glaucoma
    • Dynamic Retinal Atrophy PRA
    • Heart issues
    • Hip Dysplasia
How much Borzoi Russian dog will cost?

To get a Borzoi Russian puppy it will cost you for $1200 price tag and considering their lifespan is 14 years which makes your money worth of trying.