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Blue Nose Pitbull -10 Things You Should Know about this Loveable Breed

Blue Nose Pitbull -10 Things You Should Know about this Loveable Breed

How much you are eager to learn about Blue nose pitbull that is considered quite popular,

rare and sweet pet for homes?

This post will provide you with everything to adopt it immediately.

Quick facts about Blue nose Pitbull:

  • Weight: 60 to 85 lbs
  • Height: 1.6 feet to 2 feet tall
  • Size: Medium to high

Temperament:  intimidating, loyal, sensitive, loyal, loving,

Coat color: soft, short, and silky coat with bluish and greyish color

Lifespan: 10 to 15 years

When you are looking for pet dog and puppy, Blue nose pitbull is the amazing choice for both your outdoor and indoor.

People love dogs as pets because they can perform some roles in hunting, smelling, and protection.

Many of the reports suggest that dogs are the human’s best friend because of the intelligence they have.

We all love to have pets in our houses that can certainly give us something to care about.

There are many people who really like to have a pet running around in their house.

But most of them don’t know which pet is best for them that they can easily bear all of his expenses in so many ways.

Today, in the modern world everyone is thinking straightforward and has their own way of living lives.

Whenever we think to get a pet we usually have many to pick from like cats and dogs are ideal choice to get a pet so everyone care for them and look after them.

In order for you to have a perfect pet that suits your house because you can’t afford a bigger pet in your little house you have to look after his food, bath, regular checkups and many more.

Many house owners made this type of mistake by getting the wrong pet at the wrong time and face the consequences of their pet hobby.

1) Blue nose pitbull Puppies:

Blue nose pitbull Puppies are young dogs, you can adopt them and can train them as the way you want it.

Kids love to hang around with them on a number of occasions.

They are small and loveable. They possess more energy instead of big dogs.

If you are on market looking for a pet then they Blue Nose Pitbull puppy is easily the first choice for your homes.

2) Blue nose pitbull temperament:

Pitbull breed is intelligent and friendly the relation of humans and dogs are very old.

Dogs are considered the best companion of humans no matter which age you are.

In today’s modern world we live in the dogs have become an important part of it.

They are the nature’s creatures which makes them different from any other animal.

Where there was a time when people have to go for any public places alone without any help or support yet they still love to own a pet in their house.

So why you don’t want to take full advantage of their capabilities and put it for good use.

Some of you may think you can only take a dog when you are going for morning walks or in evenings to take them in parks.

But have you ever thought they can be something more of that with proper training they can assist you where ever you want to go whether you disable or not?

You want your pitbull to control his behavior and obey everything you said just by giving certain commands when you need him to.

Surely there is no house who has not to own a dog as a pet.

So will you only bring them for indoors and won’t let them be something else that can ultimately benefit you in so many ways.

3) Blue nose pitbull Characteristics:

According to a survey, there are more than 50% of people who own pets.

They simply can’t go outside with an untrained dog who doesn’t know how to help or assist his master and follow the commands like sit, stay, or come.

Bluenose Puppies pitbull are well trained to perform certain physical tasks helps disable and assist them to hospitals and do work related things like carrying bags or the wheelchair strip from their mouth.

let’s take look at some of their qualities including,

  • Very active pet
  • Have emotions like humans
  • Good companion for kids
  • possess jumping skills
  • Do not get along with other dogs
  • Sweats heavily
  • Gigantic appetite
  • Affectionate and gentle nature

4) Blue nose pitbull social behavior qualities:

In order for your blue nose puppies pitbull to get a certificate, he must be at its best behavior and displaying the amazing social skills every time such as,

  • Show no aggressive behavior towards other people or animals
  • No snapping, biting, mounting, growling, barking, or lunging
  • Don’t show any food begging, eating on tables, or snatching from others
  • No smelling the clothes of people who pass by
  • Don’t show super excited behaviors
  • Always defecate or urinate on an appropriate place but not in public

It is said that a dog is someone who can judge human feelings better than any other animals.

So, if you know then you can see that humans who are suffering from depression and anxiety a service dog can help it to reduce by licking their faces or with an affectionate hug.

They can lift your spirit and stop your stress as well.

Meaning they can improve your overall health, they won’t let you down no matter what sort of situation you are going through.

5) Blue nose pitbull exercise:

There will be a time come when you need to take your pet to the training in order to make him physically stronger,

But still they animals you have to give them something to fight for so they can train well.

A lot of pet owners prefer to take only those dog foods which they don’t like and they end up losing them.

Your Blue nose pitbull dog’s training is totally depending on its behavior and obedience training.

You may have trained him well by teaching him the basics,

But for the advanced behavior skills, you need some professional trainer that will transform his abilities even more sophisticated while performing several tasks multiple times.

Initially you have to give it a try and the training with some dogs can learn it in five to six months or some take two or three years but in the end, it will definitely going to worth it.

They may be excellent to helps you on regular basis, by detecting your scent.

 It has a very strong nose, but still, there are few things you need to know before getting them trained including,

  • A) Most pitbull dogs are not considered as pets
  • B) Preparing them can be very time consuming and costly
  • C) Any breed of it can be trained but retrievers are the first choice
  • D) Wearing vests is optional for these dogs
  • E) They may require too much care, but its reward is priceless

6) Blue nose pitbull grooming:

Age is something that you should be aware of your dog while bringing them home knowing about blue nose pitbull puppy is necessary where age plays a big role in it.

The approximate age for a dog has to be 10 to 15 months to get the whole grooming program complete in time. 

You may have sick or disable kids in your house, sometimes you cannot be here for them so the best alternative is to seek a service dog that can lead every person of the house to their destination or at any public place with ease.

So it is very important that the food you take could also help your dog’s health.

Since when the last time you take your lovable pet to the open ground and train him in order to obey your orders and follow the commands?

Sometimes it is very hard to get connected to your pet and frustrating as well. But you have to keep moving and experimenting which human food he really likes to eat on the training field.

In the modern world most new pet owners hire professionals in order to make their dogs obey all the commands and clear their eating habit at the same time, but why would need such person unless you can do it on your own with some guidance and instructions.

You can teach a lot of commands to them as a beginner that will bring the potential results for you such as,

  • Sit
  • Jump
  • Stay
  • Walk

Most pet owners have the habit of waking up early in the morning and take their best pals for jogging and walking.

So if you are a new pet owner then the right time for you take them in the early morning and make sure to bring some apples with you as well.

7) Blue nose pitbull feeding:

Blue nose pitbull love apples, no matter how many times you hide from them they will smell it and will keen to you in order to eat them.

They won’t resist until they get one single bit in their stomach. So you in morning apples can give the strength and fill the energy in them for the whole day.

But just clear remove all the seeds and skin from them as it can kill even adult dogs.

You can throw apples to them and make them bring apples to you just like proteins so in that way they could know how much they obey you for their favorite snack.

Also, you can grab the apples and hold it high in your arms and then make him catch it by jumping so its physical strength could get a little stretched.

Dog’s can do anything to eat apples and it I also very necessary that you take them someplace out in open to test their limits while holding apples and do this until they are fully grownups and show patience for everything you toss them before eating.

8) Blue nose pitbull training session:

Dog’s life is not very much different than humans.

They also need fresh air and an open environment to keep them in perfect condition.

The ideal choice for you to take them for long walks in the morning or at night with something nutritional treat in your pocket.

It is very necessary that you need to make sure your companion stays in a healthy position for a long time.

Just like human’s needs daily workouts to maintain their physical health and they follow a perfect diet plan in order to keep it that way exactly like that your per’s are also living beings and you need to take them out at an open place or ground for the activity so they can maintain it for a long time.

But the question comes in mind what type of food you need to give to them that works excellent for them as human food.

It is not possible that you keep your blue nose puppies pitbull at home all the time and feed him several items to eat and he just has to sit on the place all the time.

Dogs require daily activities and going out for some training could just make their day.

You will probably see that some dogs want to have fun with their pet owners because in order to create a never-ending bond you have to come close to your pup and also stay sharp about their food.

Fruits are most likely the first choice your vet will advise you to give your dog on workouts but you need to keep it slow and steady. This step finally helps your dog to reach its full potential. 

9) Blue nose pitbull health issues:

As a pet owner, you definitely need to learn about your pet’s health issues because it will help you make him healthy and strong in every way possible, there are health issues you should know early on such as,

  • Heart and skin disease
  • Cataracts
  • Cancer
  • Poor vision
  • grass Allergies
  • Immune deficiencies
  • Deafness
  • Stubbornness

10) Blue nose pitbull genetics:

There are 25% chances that you will get to see blue nose pitbull puppies with a pure black nose and 25% chances you will get to see a pitbull adult dog with a brown nose.

 50% chances are you will get to a puppy with a blue nose.

Blue nose pitbull cost?

If you are interested in buying a blue nose pitbull then you can get at the average price of

$1000 to $2800 depending on unique characteristics.


Blue Nose Pitbull -10 Things You Should Know about this Loveable Breed
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Blue Nose Pitbull -10 Things You Should Know about this Loveable Breed
When you are looking for pet dog and puppy, Blue nose pitbull is the amazing choice for both your outdoor and indoor. People love dogs as pets because they can perform some roles in hunting, smelling, and protection. Many of the reports suggest that dogs are the human’s best friend because of the intelligence they have.
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