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Bernese Mountain Dog: Everything You Need to Know
Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog: Everything You Need to Know

General Description

The breed standard prescribes that the Mountain Dog must be a: “Long-haired, tricolor, powerful, agile, harmonious, well-proportioned dog with robust limbs and whose size is above average”. It has an imposing appearance. The shape of the head is very harmonious and the general bone structure is quite heavy. It has a large trunk with important proportions. The most sought-after colors include a tricolor coat with white feet and the tip of the white tail. He is a dog who loves to move outdoors and is not very suitable for life in the apartment, does not like to be alone for too long and is quite emotionally sensitive. It is able to withstand rather rigid temperatures while shows signs of impatience at too warm temperatures.

Bernese Mountain Dog

 It is faithful to his family and loves to play with children. It does not have a particular tendency to bite or hunt prey, but needs daily exercise to release the stress levels accumulated during the hours at home. The cost of maintenance, for its health and coat, can be quite high.


Height from 58 to 70 cm

Longevity from 6 to 10 years


Bernese Mountain Dog

The breed standard prescribes that the Mountain Dog must be a: “Long-haired, tricolor, powerful, agile, harmonious, well-proportioned dog with robust limbs and whose size is above average”. It has an imposing appearance. The shape of the head is very harmonious and the general bone structure is quite heavy. It has a large trunk with important proportions. The most sought-after colors include a tricolor coat with white feet and the tip of the white tail. The height at the withers / body length ratio (measured from the tip of the shoulder to the tip of the buttock) = about 9:10 – It is more collected than stretched. In the ideal case, the height at the withers is as high as the chest 2: 1.

Physical characteristics:Bernese Mountain Dog

Colors: red, white, black, brown

Hair: smooth, long

Coat: tricolor


Great Dane , St. Bernard , Bullmastiff , Dog Central Asian Shepherd , Giant Schnauzer


Bernese Mountain Dog

The price of a Bernese mountain dog breed puppy, tested and comes with pedigree stands between 1,500 and 1,800 euro. Given the pathologies to which it could be subject, it is recommended to buy a puppy only from breeders of proven experience and seriousness who test their subjects. Obviously, it must be in possession of the pedigree. As anticipated, the Bevier has requires specific controls that should be performed every six months. The food will be of excellent quality to ensure good growth and excellent maintenance. Spending quality food for a Bernese mountain dog adult is about 70 Euros per month.

The 5 best features:

  • Affectionate towards the family
  • Friendly with children
  • Relationship with strangers
  • Sociability with other dogs
  • Tolerance to cold temperatures

The 5 most problematic features:

  • Tolerance to hot temperatures
  • Tendency to hunt prey
  • Hair care and loss
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Health and disease

Character and sociability

 The Breed Standard defines the Bernese mountain dog as follows: “Well balanced, attentive, alert and fearless in all situations of daily life. He is good-natured and faithful to family members, confident and peaceful with strangers; of medium and docile temperament “.

Affectionate towards the family

The Bernese mountain dog loves his family and adapts to live in any place as long as he can stay in his core. He has a great predisposition for all members and affectionately disputes all. He has a deep connection with his “pack leader” to whom he dedicates affection and attention.

Very friendly with children

Bernese Mountain Dog

Together with the children, the Bernese mountain dog rediscovers his playful character that distinguishes him in the first months of life. His attitude also translates into unconditional affection for the little ones who, however, must never be left alone during their interaction with a dog and adult surveillance is always recommended.

 Relationship with strangers

The Bernese is decidedly tolerant of strangers. He never has aggressive attitudes towards people he doesn’t know but he will still be a good guard dog when his territory or his family is endangered or presumed to be in danger. Therefore, in the presence of foreigners, it is always useful for the owner to be present to avoid misunderstandings.

«Sociable with other dogs»

The Bernese mountain dog is a playful dog therefore it is very predisposed to socializing with other dogs. Obviously, he will have been brought up to contact with his fellows since he was a puppy. Despite the sweet character and the temperament predisposed to new encounters, it is useful to always be careful and be very attentive to the signals of your Bernese during the interaction between subjects of the same sex.


«Not suitable for apartment living»

Bernese Mountain

The Bernese mountain dog is a large breed that is not very suitable for apartment life if you do not have the possibility of a courtyard or land. He loves very much, like all dogs, to stay next to the owner and to share everything with his family so he will adapt to home walls if he is careful to take him out several times a day to walk and run.

«Little tolerance to be alone»

Bernese Mountain Dog

It is imperative to know that it is not possible to leave a Bernese alone for too long. Leaving him alone, especially inside an apartment, can mean not knowing what surprises will be found once he returns, given that he is an active dog and with a tendency to develop particular activities, such as digging or chewing objects.

«Moderately suitable as a first dog»

The Bernese mountain dog is a working breed that loves the owner very much and that is well suited to his requests. This, however, involves an education imparted from an early age since bad habits could undermine and make training less easy. It has a sufficiently docile attitude but it is necessary, before buying a puppy, to be well aware that, despite the appearance of a stuffed animal, this breed has its own character that outlines its characteristics.

  Tolerance to cold temperatures

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese mountain dog, grown at high altitude and therefore used to resisting rather cold temperatures, can only be an excellent dog to own if you live in rather rigid areas. Its coat, rather long and dense, allows it to remain protected in these environments and to maintain excellent reactivity during the course of daily interaction, without showing particular signs of subsidence or poor endurance.

 Tolerance to hot temperatures

Bernese Mountain Dog

As previously said, the Bernese mountain dog is a breed that loves the mountains and cold climates so it does not adapt well to the heat. It will be necessary to have some precautions during the summer months and to offer him a sheltered but cool and ventilated place. It could be subject, like many others, to heat stroke.


Hair care and loss

One of the problems of the Bernese Mountain Dog could be hair loss. Its coat is very well stocked and tends to lose hair in a rather copious way, especially during seasonal wetsuits. You have to take care of the Bernese fur and brush it often enough. It will avoid having fur around and, above all, it will keep its beautiful coat in perfect condition, facilitating regrowth.

Salivation and containment of the burr

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog may be subject to a difficulty in containing salivation, but it is an aspect that can be easily overcome. If it should have a copious loss it is recommended to check the oral to make sure there are no infections or inflammations in the gums or teeth.

Ease of Cleaning

Bernese Mountain Dog

Being a long-haired dog, the cleaning measures are both daily, with daily brushing, and weekly. The eyes, ears and oral cavity should be checked, as well as the interdigital areas. Just keep it clean with a brush and carder and limit the baths during the times of the suit.

Health and Disease

Bernese Mountain Dog

It is a breed that has a rather low longevity and that can grow and develop quite classic pathologies in dogs, such as dysplasia, or Von Willebrand disease, but also other problems such as forms of cancer and, above all, degenerative myelopathy and malignant histiocytosis. It is always advisable to periodically subject the Bernese to a rather comprehensive checkup.


a) Intelligence and training

Bernese Mountain Dog

Breed of great intelligence and predisposition to learning that, in history, has been accustomed to carrying out tasks of help for man especially on farms. Tasks that are of great competence to him, such as towing the cart to support the products cultivated by farmers, especially before the arrival of means of transport.

b) Very faithful and not very prone to leaks»

The Bernese Mountain Dog is an extremely loyal dog. The habit of sharing daily life with the owner, also performing rather complex tasks, has strengthened the affinity in the relationship between the dog and the man. The Bernese is not inclined to leave his place and his family even to chase a possible prey or for fun.


Tendency to bite

To distinguish the Bernese Mountain Dog is the absolute tranquility of this breed that does not show particular inclinations to bite and when it does it manages to perfectly distinguish the level of interaction and the intensity of the bite that can get to give.

Tendency to hunt prey

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a “farm” dog that loves animals and, socialized, has no tendency to hunt prey.

Tendency to bark or howl

The Bernese Mountain Dog can be an excellent warning, although it is not considered a guard dog. He has an excellent predisposition towards anyone and, unless his family and territory are endangered, he does not bother to bark unnecessarily. He has no tendency to howl.

Tendency to play

Bernese Mountain Dog


The Bernese Mountain Dog is a playful dog who loves to spend time with the owner and the family children. As already stated, it is a lively and full of vitality breed which are the best qualities for a dog that loves the playful aspect very much. He will treat strangers with friendship, if they are able to entertain him by entertaining him

 Tendency to gain weight

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog tends to maintain a more than balanced line. He is an agile dog that allows him a fairly good condition regarding the line. It does not present a tendency to gain weight. However, the owner’s attentions regarding the control of the feeding of the dog are indispensable. It must not be two meals a day with the due exercise.


     Energy level

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese is an energetic and full of initiative dog. He loves working and would need to be able to spend his energy by applying it in some exercise. It is lively and dynamic as well as joyful and playful. As for the Bernese, there are parade initiatives for cart shooting, in which it would be useful to have him participate, and it would be advisable not to miss long walks where he can spend his vitality.

Strenuous Exercise

Bernese Mountain Dog

The mountain dog is a moderately vigorous breed. He does not need a particular education to relate to everyone because he is very willing towards anyone. He has in fact a sociable and playful temperament and a curiosity that heightens his intelligence and his collaboration towards the owner and the family.

Average exercise needs»

The Bernese is a dog that needs to spend its energy on exercise. It is mainly a breed suitable for sporty people and loves walking in the open air, especially in the mountains. He has a strong predisposition to “shooting”, therefore he will have to get used to it as a puppy on a leash. For the Bovaro, it would be useful if exercised with a cart to remedy the real lack of the working phase as a human assistant.




Bernese Mountain Dog: Everything You Need to Know
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Bernese Mountain Dog: Everything You Need to Know
The breed standard prescribes that the Mountain Dog must be a: "Long-haired, tricolor, powerful, agile, harmonious, well-proportioned dog with robust limbs and whose size is above average"
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