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Mini Goldendoodle- the Miniature Poodle Mixes
Mini Goldendoodle

Mini Goldendoodle- the Miniature Poodle Mixes

These are the mini puppies, which are cute and adorable that everyone loves to keep them as a pet.

This breed is a mix of poodle dogs with a golden retriever.

They are the mini puppies, which are supposed to be much active, friendly and smart.

Goldendoodles are also much popular because they are hypoallergenic.

History of Mini Goldendoodle

The breeders from North America and Australia have crossbreed the Golden retriever with poodles to produce a new dog.

They have started this cross breeding in the 1990s.

They have a specific purpose behind this cross-breeding.

They have crossbred them to produce a no allergic dog that can guide the individuals who are unable to view things.

There is also a term used for these crossbred dogs namely designer dogs.

These mini Goldendoodles are also known as designer dogs.

What is Goldendoodle and How Different types are produced?

A golden doodle is the mix of golden retriever and poodle breed.

Some of them are bred by the first cross between these two breeds.

There are also toy golden doodles available.

These can be of the size in between the miniature poodle dogs size and the golden retriever’s size.

To find out the temperament of these miniatures, you can look for all breeds in this cross.

Multi-generation crosses can produce these.

Different designers or breeder use different methods to produce a new mini Goldendoodle.

  • Some of the breeders cross 50% golden retriever with 50% poodle. This is the first generation cross and is purebred.
  • Some of them use 25% golden retriever with 75% poodle.
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People Also ask
  • What is the size of the mini golden doodle?
  • How much does mini golden doodle costs?
  • What are the health issues regarding mini Goldendoodle puppies?
  • How to maintain the health conditions of mini Goldendoodles?

Size of Mini Goldendoodle

These miniatures can vary in size depending upon the size of parent and composition.

The standard height of the mini Goldendoodles described by North American association is14 to 17 inches for an adult.

Their weight is around 26 to 35 pounds.

Mini Goldendoodle Temperament

When you make a mix of two breeds, it gets difficult to explain that which parent breed’s temperament that miniature is attaining.

These little cute mini Goldendoodle puppies are more intelligent and are considered as best pets.

These are much more loyal than many other breeds with the owners.

This breed is quite shy than other dogs which makes it difficult for them to engage with strangers.

So these take more time to make connections with strangers, but once they get affectionate with people, they get so friendly.

Goldendoodles are considered as friendly, intelligent, active and best companion.

You can make them socialize with the visitors, which is so much important to avoid any harm or danger.

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Health issues in Mini Goldendoodles

Every living thing has some health concerns that need to be taken care of.

Each one of the dog breeds has health issues, so these need medical care as well.

As these are the miniatures, so they are more prone to diseases.

Golden retrievers and poodles are prone to certain diseases like cancer, retinal atrophy and many others like that.

To maintain the health conditions it is also important to take proper care of diet.

As these are mini Goldendoodles, so these need a measured and standardized good quality food.

Because eating too much can make the fluffy and bulky which is not good for health. Moreover eating very less can make these miniatures look more tiny creatures that can be harmful as well.

Some of the major health concerns related to these Goldendoodles are as follows:

  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy

This is the degeneration of retina that can lead to blindness.

This disease is genetic, so it depends upon the parents whether the child will have this disease or not.

  • Von Willebrand’s disease

This disease is known as the blood clotting disorder in which blood of dogs contains less plasma, which does not allow the blood to clot.

This can cause dogs to suffer from excessive blood loss in case of small injury.

Therefore, this can be fatal for little mini Goldendoodle puppies.

  • Hip Dysplasia

This is the most commonly occurring health issue in the dogs breed.

This can also lead the dogs to have arthritis, which can harm the joints of dogs.

The dogs who suffer through this disease may have problems in walking, running and climbing.

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Some Important Facts Regarding Goldendoodles

Every different species of dogs have different facts about them.

There are some important things that you need to know about mini Goldendoodles before you buy them.

  • Easily Sociable Dogs

These are the small puppies that you can groom and can make them adjust in your family environment easily.

As socializing small puppies is much easier than socializing huge dogs.

Additionally, these are also much friendly and playful.

Children love to play with dogs, and so are they.

So you can easily make them socialize with the children.

Moreover, it is also suitable to leave them alone with your children, as they will not harm your children at all.

  • Best Companions

These are the miniature dogs that can be easily fit into your home environment.

So if you are making them socialize among family members, they will easily get socialize.

These can also behave like your therapist, as these are the best companions.

They have a friendly and jolly nature, which makes it easier to adjust them in your home.

Their friendly nature along with the active behavior makes them more suitable for keeping them as a pet.

  • Not Good as Watch Dog

As we have discussed before that these are friendly and gentle so these are suitable for keeping as a watchdog.

These are considered as a calm and quiet breed of the dogs.

So they do not bark frequently and cannot alert the owner about any danger.

These are also shy, so they might not bark if someone enters the door of your house.

So honestly speaking, keeping them, as a watchdog is not a good decision.

They can also get interested in strangers if they treat them with love so they cannot protect your house for sure.

These cannot get much involved in strangers at the first meeting.

But once someone keeps on coming and interacting with them, they start trusting that person.

They do not bark too much, and once they start trusting someone, they will never bark on their entrance in the house.

So they will not be able to alert the owners about any danger.

Additionally, they will also not be able to protect the children so you can only leave the children with them for playing but not for protection.

So these are best for companionship but not as a watchdog.

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  • These are Hypoallergenic

There are dog breeds, which can cause allergies to the owners.

So if you are allergic, you need to take care of this thing that you keep a pet, which is hypoallergenic.

These are the best hypoallergenic dogs that cannot cause any allergy to the owner.

We accept the fact that there is no dog, which is nonallergic.

So you need to know that these mini Goldendoodles are the safest one because these do not contain many allergic contents.

The dogs, which are allergenic, can cause serious allergies to the owners and children are usually more prone to allergies.

So most of the people avoid keeping pets just because of these health concerns. But these hypoallergenic pets have reduced all the health concerns of getting allergies and any other disease.

This makes it possible and easy for people to keep pets. So they try to have this tiny, miniature and cute Goldendoodles as a guide dog. 

  • Easy To Train

These are the active dogs and need regular exercise to maintain their activity and health.

You need to make them exercise daily for nearly 20-30 minutes.

This will not only be helpful for their activity but can also make them physically healthy.

Mostly every dog breed is keen and excited about rewards.

So whenever you have to train them use rewards and reinforcement.

These are very smart and respond much better in case of rewards.

So it gets easier to train them effectively according to your home environment. 

Among all other things, potty training is the most important thing that gets difficult for dogs.

You can easily train them by using incentives and reinforcement for them.

  • Grooming of Mini Goldendoodle Dogs

These are a mix of poodle and golden retriever, which have less or even zero shredding.

This zero or very less shredding means that these do not need much grooming.

How much grooming does your pet need, it totally depends upon its genes.

You always need some grooming to make the Goldendoodle look more fresh and cute.

Make sure that you keep on trimming and brushing your dog’s hair.

Making them clean and perfectly groomed, you can also avoid every type of health problems.

As many of the health issues are just because of dirty and unhygienic conditions.

So if you are grooming your pet and keeping it clean, you can keep your pet healthy.

So by using the money on grooming, you can easily save money that is to be spent on health issues.

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Mini Goldendoodle rescue

Goldendoodles are so prone to different harms because of their miniature size and vulnerability.

So different organizations are developing for the sake of betterment and mini Goldendoodle rescue.

Any of the owners might not like to keep the Goldendoodle pet anymore.

So these organizations are making new shelters and homes for Goldendoodles to rescue them.

Moreover, if you want to keep them as pets, you can adopt them from rescue centers.

You can save their lives and can give a good and healthy life for them.

There are also some cases in which owners get irritated from their pets and leave them alone.

This can make these miniatures to die of starvation and carelessness, as these are too tiny and are unable to take care of themselves. 

Goldendoodles for sale

These are the amazing cross breeds, which are available for sale around the globe.

One can buy Goldendoodles from Florida and Indiana as well.

There are different sales point and rescue centers for Goldendoodles in Florida and Indiana.

Therefore, you can adapt them easily at a highly reasonable cost.

In addition to rescue centers, there are also some farms available for Goldendoodles in Florida from where you can get this amazing pet.

Additionally, there are also some Goldendoodle farms in Indiana as well.

How Much Does Mini Goldendoodle Costs?

There are different breeders who are cross-breeding the dog breeds to produce new dogs.

So they are producing them in different categories by mixing the poodle and golden retriever in a different composition.

According to the composition and gene factors, they have different costs.

Different breeders also cost different for their Goldendoodles. Additionally, the area from where you are adopting or buying them also has an impact on the price.

Most of the times you go through different areas and find different rates for the same breed of dogs.

There are some extra costs including taxes and transportation cost.

So this causes an increase in the rates of Goldendoodles.

If we speak about the rates on average, their price ranges between $1500 to$3500.

you can also visit

In addition to this cost, there are also some expenses for these pets.

Like the maintenance cost, taxes and good quality food expenses.

So before you buy a pet make sure that you can handle all the expenses of your Goldendoodle.



Mini Goldendoodle- the Miniature Poodle Mixes
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Mini Goldendoodle- the Miniature Poodle Mixes
These are the mini puppies, which are cute and adorable that everyone loves to keep them as a pet.This breed is a mix of poodle dogs with a golden retriever.
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