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Poodle Mixes-A Complete Guide about Poodle Mixes Puppy

Poodle Mixes-A Complete Guide about Poodle Mixes Puppy

Most Popular Poodle Mixes

Poodle mixes are the offspring of purebred poodles that are crossbred with another purebred dog breed.

These are curly, cute and tiny dogs that people love to keep at their houses as a pet.

History of Poodle Mixes

In these days poodle mixes are one of the most favorites and loved dogs.

There are a lot of different types of poodle mixes in the world.

These were started in the 1950s, and the first mix breed was made by mixing poodle breed with Cocker spaniel.

This breed was named as Cockapoo or Spoodle.

Later on, in the 1980’s the breeder Wally Conlon produced Labradoodle by mixing Labrador with Poodle.

The demand for having modern and mixed breed dogs is increasing, as these are the cutest one.

Types of Poodle Mixes

In these days poodle mixes puppies are coming in every different size and usually are in tiny size.

You can easily purchase a poodle crossbreed according to your lifestyle and interests.

The different types of Poodle mixes are as follows:

  • Cockapoo

In the past, around 1950’s cockapoo were the first poodle breed puppies that were made.

These were produced by crossbreeding the poodle breed with Cocker Spaniel.

They are tiny, cute and beautiful puppies that one can have as a pet.

These small dogs are more intelligent so are easy to train as well.

Moreover, if you want to have a pet which can act as your therapist and easily get trained.

Then this poodle mix is the best pet to own.

  • Maltipoo

This is the cute and attractive poodle Maltese poodle mix.

As this is the crossbreed of poodle and Maltese.

This cute little puppy is so small in size and looks more charming because of its amazing persona.

This Maltese poodle mixes type is more active and is also much playful as this beautiful dog loves to play so elders, as well as kids, can enjoy with them.

These are fun loving so mostly children easily get attached to them.

  • Labradoodle

This is the crossbreed done by the Royal Guide Dogs Association Australia.

This is done between Labrador and poodle breeds, and the result is Labradoodle.

The main purpose of keeping dogs as pets is maintaining the safety of the house.

These Labradoodles are the most active and alert dogs that can protect you and your house.

These charming little puppies are social and also smart as well. This is because these are more popular.

  • Goldendoodle

If you are looking for a designer puppy so, here we go to present a beautiful and cute small golden doodle.

This golden doodle is made by crossbreeding the poodle and golden retriever.

The size of this dog depends totally upon its parents.

Additionally, these are not only the pets but can also serve as a guide dog or sniffer dog.

  • Schnoodle

Usually, people look for the dogs who can provide them a good company for jogging and walking.

If you are also looking for a good companion, then this is the best option to consider.

This is the crossbreed of poodle and Schnauzer crossbreed.

From its parent’s side, it has a trait of being sturdy and fun loving as well.

This dog sometimes behaves independently and gets stubborn sometimes.

Additionally, this little champ also needs some maintenance and trimming to look beautiful and cute.

This is the dog who can also entertain you by playing and is also much loyal to you.

  • Yorkipoo

This is the poodle terrier mix that is made by crossbreeding the poodle and Yorkshire Terrier.

These dogs are much obedient and love to do physical activities.

This dog is so smart to perform different tricks which are beneficial for its owner.

Training this poodle terrier mix puppy is easy when you are using the right method.

Like you should go for using reinforcement for training instead of using any punishment or harsh method.

  • Pomapoo

This is the charming crossbreed between poodle and Pomeranian.

These are the smart, intelligent and loving dogs.

Many of these pomapoo’s are keen to meet others as they are social.

Additionally, there are also some exceptional cases in which these are not much keen to interact with others.

This dog is always active and loves to play and walk which is important to maintain health.

Additionally, these can also easily adjust their living style just according to the lifestyle of the owner.

So it gets easier for the owner to train the little dog.

  • Shihpoo

This is the crossbreed between Shih Tzu and poodle.

This is the smallest dog and looks more charming and cute.

This can easily adjust in your house no matter it is a big one or smaller.

This is also fun loving and runs around with the family to play, have fun and exercise.

This cutie pie has beautiful long hairs in its genes.

In addition to this shihpoo can cheer up the mood of the owner even if he or she is so sad.

  • Chipoo

The crossbreed between poodle and chihuahua is the tiny cute puppy and is the most lovely dog among poodle crossbreeds.

This cute little puppy is independent and stubborn as well.

This is also possessive enough but these all traits can be managed by giving the right type of training to the puppy.



  • Poochon

This cute poochon was produced in the 1990s by Melbourne’s Chevromist Kennels.

To produce this tiny fluffy puppy poodle was mixed with Bichon Frise.

This dog always needs some grooming and trimming for keeping the hairs clean.

Cute and lovely poochon needs a half hour for exercise to maintain health. In addition to this, these lovely creatures love o play and have fun with children.

  • Doxiepoo

This doxiepoo also has some different names like Dachshundpoo or Dixie Doodle.

Most of the poodle crossbreeds carry 50/50 traits of both parents.

Whereas, doxiepoo is the dog which carries more traits of one parent.

We can say that if the dog is more like poodle then it is intelligent and training gets easier.

Whereas if it has more characteristics of Dachshund, it has short furs. These sort furs make the grooming easier enough.

  • Bassetoodle

This is the poodle crossbreed with Basset Hound which is a cute and curious dog.

It has innate curiosity from one of its parent, and because of this curiosity, it wanders around to explore new things.

Whenever you are about to take this cutie for a walk, you always have to put a closer eye on it.

You always need to control its activities and supervise properly.

This dog loves to overheat which in turn leads it to become obese.

So to maintain health, it is important to keep on exercising daily.

  • Boxerdoodle

These poodle mixes are the intelligent and smart one which do not need much efforts to train.

This dog can be easily trained by love and affection as it does not respond to harsh methods.

This is the sensitive dog, so harsh methods will not work on it.

Best and most interesting way f training them is to provide rewards and treats whenever the dog performs some right task.

When you use soft but disciplined method for training, then the boxerdoodle will become obedient and fun loving.

  • Bossi-poo

This is also a poodle terrier mix as this is produced by crossbreeding of poodle and Boston terrier.

These are affectionate, social, fun loving and friendly dogs.

Keeping them at a warm temperature is important.

So if you are living in cold weather make sure that you have covered it to keep t warm.

These are tiny in their size, so there are also more chances for getting any injury.

Make sure that when this miniature is playing with children, they play safely. Additionally, you always have to keep careful supervision for avoiding an accident.

  • Lhasa Poo

This is the cute little champ which is intelligent and smart.

So it gets easier for the owner to train the dog. It needs love and attention.

Moreover, it also does not have any problem with your other pets.

You need to give proper training to it for making it capable of playing with children without causing any harm to the children.

  • Jack-A-Poo

This is the lapdog which is active and smart as well.

So you can easily train them according to your disciplines and lifestyle.

They need proper exercise or walk to maintain their health properly.

You can easily train them without repeating your instructions again and again.

Additionally, this is not a watchdog so you cannot rely on it to get alert regarding any of the problem.

These do not bark in any danger or threat situations.

People also ask
  • Which Poodle Mix is Best?
  • How much poodle mixes are there?
  • How Maltese poodle mixes can entertain you?
  • Why poodle mixes?

poodle mixes

Why Poodle Mixes?

Everyone loves to have pets and dogs are the most favorite one to have in the house.

Poodle mix puppies are the cute and lovely pets that can easily adjust in your family environment.

Sometimes it gets difficult for the pets to adjust, but poodles mixes are best in the sense of adaptation.

These can also serve as work dogs or watchdogs as some of them have inherited traits for doing some jobs.

Some of them are active inherently, but others are not.

So this makes it clear that why poodle mixes are the best.

Honestly speaking these are considered as the most loved and best pets as these are cute and attractive as well.

These are available in every different size ranging from a tiny small dog to larger ones. Additionally, they are friendly and can have fun with you and can also entertain you.

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Health Problems of Poodle Mixes

These are the tiny dogs so are more prone to health issues.

You need to maintain their health properly so that these can survive longer.

For that maintaining their diet and cleanliness is so much important.

There are some common health issues among poodle crossbreeds including hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, Addison’s disease, and epilepsy.

There are also some other diseases which can harm the poodle mix puppies. So you need to take proper care of them.

  • Epilepsy

Having epilepsy in dogs is common, and they also show some symptoms in combination.

The symptoms may include confusion, unresponsiveness, unconsciousness and strange movements.

You need to call a veterinarian for proper treatment.

Additionally, I also take notes about all the symptoms so that it gets easier for the vet to diagnose.

  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy

This is the serious eye disease among dogs which can cause blindness.

This is the disease in which both of the eyes are affected at the same time.

It shows symptoms like night vision issues, dilated pupils and glassy eyes.

This health problem does not have a pure cure for it, but it can be reduced or slowed down by using antioxidant supplementation.

  • Addison’s Disease

In this condition, the adrenal glands of poodle are not producing enough cortisol.

This may lead to lethargy, depression, and anxiety. Some of them can have a serious issue that they need to get hospitalized.

Moreover other than these diseases, there are also some other health-related issues in poodles.

Many of the issues can be avoided by just walking around daily and doing proper exercise.

poodle mix dog

The lifespan of Poodle Crossbreed Puppies

There are different lifespans for every different type of poodle crossbreed.

Standard lifespan of the poodles is nearly 15 years, but that too depends upon the health conditions of dogs.

Some of the dogs have health issues which may cause a progressive decrease in their lifespan.

Whereas by doing regular exercise and walk one can increase the lifespan of his or her poodle crossbreed.

If you are taking proper care about health and are going through proper routine checkups for your pets, then they can live longer.

Otherwise, they can also have serious diseases and can die earlier than their estimated age.

Poodle Mixes-A complete guide about poodle Mixes
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Poodle Mixes-A complete guide about poodle Mixes
Poodle mixes are the offspring of purebred poodles that are crossbred with another purebred dog breed.These are tiny, cute and curly dogs that people love to keep at their houses as a pet.
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