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Russian Bear Dog- [Latest] Ultimate Caucasian Shepherd Guide
russian bear Dog

Russian Bear Dog- [Latest] Ultimate Caucasian Shepherd Guide

Everyone loves to keep dogs as pets because dogs can protect the house so you will feel safe.

These Russian Bear Dog orĀ  Caucasian Shepherds are the best Protective Dogs that one can have.

These are the riskiest dogs to keep at the house but are the devoted guardians and can also remain calm and gentle.

Origin of Russian Bear Dog

These were originated in Kavkaz the Caucasus mountains in Eastern Europe.

Just like other mountain dogs, these were also supposed to use as a protector dog.

Most people use to keep them so that they can keep themselves safe from wolves.

This protecting dog breed originated from Europe in the 1920s.

Most of the times industrialists also have used them to protect their factories and industries.

United Kennel club registered them as a breed in 1995.

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russian shepherd dog puppies

Russian Bear Dog Size

There is the fact that the Russian bear dog can grow as big as a tiger.

There is no doubt in this fact, because of this these are well known as protectors or guarding dogs. Their size can be nearly 30 inches.

Sizes also vary according to their gender as females usually have a shorter height.

Russian bear dog’s size can also vary differently depending upon their diet and daily routine.

As staying free all the time and taking too, much diet can cause an increase in weight, which in turn can lead Russian bear dog size to increase.

Usually, their standard weight is 99 to170 pounds, but some of them can grow exceptionally to 200 pounds.

Females are bit smaller than males but are still larger than other dog breeds.

These Russian bear dog females along with puppies can be more dangerous for strangers.

So you should avoid having interaction with this out if you are not known to it before.

Nutrition for Russian Bear Dogs

As we, all know these are the big dogs, so they also need some extraordinary nutrition.

Proper and appropriate nutrition can keep them healthy to protect their owners.

When you get Russian bear dog puppy, you must need to know about proper diet plan for them.

These dogs keep on growing till 2 years of age so you can increase their growth by giving the right type of nutrition.

These puppies always need good quality food that contains all the necessary nutrition.

Make sure that the food you are giving to these Russian bear dog puppies contains the right amount of calories and calcium.

Having the right amount of calcium make it sure, that the puppy will remain completely healthy at an older age.

These grow slower than other breeds, which ensures that these do not have to suffer through any of the bone disorder.

This slow growth makes sure that everything grows properly without any problem.

When these are grownups then it is time to give them a food that is suitable for older dogs, glucosamine is the thing through which you can prevent any bone disorder.

russian bear dog size

Russian Breed Dog Temperament

People usually have these Russian bear puppies for guarding their areas, so they always need an active and alert pet.

These dogs are always very nice with the owners but are so much aggressive for the intruders.

These dogs are trained to make them aware of the close family so that they can easily get attached to them.

Once they get attached to the close family, these will be safe for children as well. But they will always remain dangerous for the outsiders.

They can easily make the owners alert about any possible danger by barking again and again.

Whenever any stranger visits your house, it takes time and patience to make the Russian bear puppy aware of that person.

Important things to take care of for maintenance of health

Honestly speaking these are the dangerous breed as these can harm you if you are not known to them.

Other than danger, these are much more efficient in protecting your property.

But for fulfilling their duty appropriately, it is important to keep them healthy.

For having good health two of the things are so much important. One of them is the appropriate diet, and the other one is regular exercise.

  • Appropriate Diet

When these are the Russian bear dog puppies, these always need more energy.

So the meal you provide to them must be 4 times a day.

Once the Russian bear dog is a grown-up, you can reduce the meal to 2 times a day.

You can take advice from any veterinarian or any dietician to give the right type of diet to your dogs.

Make sure that during the period of development you are giving it a regular diet.

As giving extra diet can cause harm to the health of the puppy.

Because these always need a balanced diet not too less and also not too excessive.

When a Russian dog is a puppy, it needs nearly 9.7 to 12.5 per kg of body weight of proteins in the diet.

Moreover, when these are full grown up this protein consumption reduces to nearly 2. 62 per kg of body weight.

When we talk about calories to consume by these giant dogs, they need 20 calories per pound of body weight per day.

These dogs can easily put on weight, so you always need to take proper care about their diet.

Daily Exercise

Exercise is important to keep the body active and as these Russian bear; dog puppies are protecting dogs, so these need to be more active.

In growing age, make sure that you make them exercise appropriate to their age.

Excessive exercise can increase strain on their joints and bones.

Moving and jumping in growing age can help the giant dog breed to have healthy development of hip and elbow dysplasia.

How To Train Russian Bear Dog?

All of the pets need some training like potty training and manners.

But the breeds, which are used as a guardian, need more training to behave gently with close family.

Just like the other dog breeds these also respond better to the reinforcement and rewards.

Showing positive gestures, love and affection can make them learn skills easily.

Dogs learn their behaviors through operant conditioning that they learn behavior on the bases of consequences.

Whenever you give them some reward, they will for sure repeat that behavior again and again.

Train the Russian breed dog puppies in a huge area, as they love to roam around in open and larger area.

Always try not to punish them as this can cause a very bad effect on its behavior.

Russian Bear Dog Socialization

When you have a Russian bear puppy as a pet, it is easy to train and socialize them.

Whereas when you have bought a giant one, it gets difficult to socialize them.

So most of the people prefer to have a puppy so that they can train them according to their lifestyle.

This giant Russian bear dog can harm the person and can cause severe damage to the person.

So to avoid these type of severe damages, it is important to make them socialize and aware of the close family.

Otherwise, you will not be able to leave this puppy alone with your children.

The way in which you are about to train the dog and socialize it, this has a strong impact on the puppy’s future temperament.

These are usually fearless in their younger age but gets fearful of strangers in their growing age.

If you do not make them socialize with people, these will start looking at everyone as a stranger.

This will be much harmful to Russian bear dogs and also for society.

So we can say that socialization for these puppies is so much more important than any other thing.

russian shepherd dog

Health Issues of Russian Bear Dogs

Every species that comes on earth has some sorts of health issues through which they suffer.

Just like other breeds, Russian bear dogs also suffer from some of the common health issues.

  • Hip Dysplasia

This is the health issue that most of the giant breeds suffer from.

In this disorder, dogs suffer from abnormal development of hip joint that leads to the pain and stiffness in the hip joint.

This can be reduced by using medication, and in severe conditions, you can also operate them.

  • Eye Issues

They suffer through cataracts in which they have opacity in the lens.

This can lead them to have vision loss that can then lead to full blindness.

These cataracts can be treated through surgeries, but these can also relapse.

Grooming of Russian Bear Dogs

Every pet needs the appropriate and right type of grooming to remain healthy and looking cute.

Like these Caucasian shepherds are so much furry and if are not groomed properly their furs can mess up and make them look clumsy.

You can start grooming of your Russian bear dogs when these are a puppy as once these are grown up these will not allow you to groom them.

Without grooming, their furs can come in front of their eyes and these also can get smelly.

In addition to the furs, other things also need to be taken care of so that it will look beautiful and cute.

As their bad condition can make your children afraid of them and you will not be able to leave your puppies alone with your children.

The lifespan of Russian Bear Dogs

Every species has a specific lifespan that can change with the changing health and environmental conditions.

If the pet is well groomed, healthy and is appropriately taken care of by the owner, it will survive more.

You can call the veterinarian for regular and routine checkups.

This will help you to avoid any health-related issues. Avoiding health issues can increase their lifespan for sure.

The Russian bear dog lives for nearly 12 years. Keeping their hip and eyes in good condition can improve their life quality.

Additionally, by controlling their dietary habits, you can improve their life span. As excessive eating can cause obesity and this obesity can decrease life quality.

So to avoid any harm and increase the lifespan of your dog try to keep it slim and smart.

How Much Does Russian bear Dog Costs?

These pets are usually expensive enough to buy.

Honestly speaking the giant puppies and dogs always cost more than the smaller ones.

Russian bear dog price ranges between $1000- $2000. This expensive cost tells that how much these are precious to the owners.

The price is not the same for every breeder as different breeders offer different rates for the puppies.

There are also breeders of Russian bear dogs who are selling them in $500- $2000.

This is only the buying price, and the story will not end here.

Whenever you own any pet, it is necessary to keep proper care of it.

So you need to spend money on its grooming and health care issues.

Like you must have to contact any veterinarian to get regular health checkup of Russian bear dog.

These veterinarian bills are also included in Russian bear dog price.

Other than these bills the feed that these pets eat also costs some amount.

So you will always have to set some budget before you buy a pet.

Additionally, these also need to have regular vaccinations and also need pet insurance.

So if you can afford and take proper care of your Russian bear dog puppy, then you should go for buying it.

Otherwise, if you are not good at taking care of it and is also short of budget then avoid purchasing a pet.

Russian Bear Dog- The Caucasian Shepherd
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Russian Bear Dog- The Caucasian Shepherd
Everyone loves to keep dogs as pets because dogs can protect the house so you will feel safe. These Caucasian shepherds are the best protective dogs that one can have
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