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Bernedoodle – 10 Things You Need to know about this Poodle Family Dog

Bernedoodle -

Are you searching for a loyal, clever, and goofy companion that has all the qualities of being a pet? You should choose Mini Bernedoodle which is friendly crossbreed you deserve.

Quick facts about Bernedoodle:

      • Weight:  11 to 90 lbs
      • Height: 12 to 29 inches
      • Size: Medium to high


Color coat:   

      • black
      • white
      • brown
      • Tricolor

Breed type: 

      • Bernese and poodle mix


      • 12 to 15 year

In today’s modern world a lot of people have owned a dog as a pet and for so many reasons those people treat their dogs like their own family member and real human being.

Which is a good thing everybody should love animals?

Being a Mini Bernedoodle pet owner comes with so many responsibilities because you should know what type of food he likes that you can feed them according to their age.

This way you can take care of his health in every way possible.

There are many pet owners in this world who really don’t know what kind of food is suitable for their puppy.

It is just not very simple that you just bring a dog and started to feed him whatever you like it can cause serious trouble for his health.

As a responsible pet parent, our heartbeats to give him those nutritious foods that can make him strong from an early age but not all of them can show the positive signs until they are adults.

The most popular human food dog’s loves to eat are popcorns, they will beg for you to feed them.

But considering his physical strength and size you can’t just give him popcorn in one bowl with a great amount to eat.

That is the reason below we have listed some real facts about which is the perfect age Mini Bernedoodle rather than other human foods to help you understand what is the right age of them to eat popcorn.

which are the other human foods they should not eat, is having too much popcorn is bad for their health.

What makes popcorn so much different from all the other foods?

Why do you need to feed them in the first place?

1) Mini Bernedoodle puppies:

We all love to pet a dog that is hypersensitive to the allergies that can stop its reactions.

Usually, may dog owners get confused about how to choose the right breed from the millions of them that’s hard to find out, luckily there are still some breeds of dogs that are non-shedder and less likely to trigger an allergy in them.

This is why don’t people feel good to deal with shedding problems in a puppy.

There nothing is more disgusting then vacuuming every day your dog’s hair in your home.

It is one of the most difficult parts to own a dog.

People don’t want to get their homes dirty and see hair that contains allergy problems in them.

mini bernedoodle rescue

2) Bernedoodle characteristics:

They are German dogs they are fearless and are most popular of them all.

They also make excellent watchdogs With big ears, short legs, and intelligent eyes make them one of the beloved to carry to your home and Love to around people. 

These are very energetic dogs with excellent hunting skills.

These don’t have any dander or saliva problems.

However, their sweet and rough coat needs regular brushing to keep them free from losing hairs and prevents dirt in the mattresses.

Bernedoodles are naturally not shedding dog breed which has silky wavy locks but requires regular brushing and grooming, Medium size dog with lightweight coat hair.

They are toy breeds that have long silky hair. It is known not to shed.

But its long hair requires very expensive and time-consuming effort.

But it is worth to go for because it is simply a breed that everyone wants to have in the homes.

3) How big do Bernedoodles get?

The standard size of a  Mini bernedoodle breed is 27 inches and 80 pounds.

mini bernedoodle rescue

Do they make perfect house pets regarding their eating habits?

Another great reason to won these dogs they can do certainly anything you gave them from apples to cherries and snack that they love.

They naturally have the habit of eating them hygienically.

It is not simply that you toss them the minute you bring them home.

These little pups need some calcium first in milk or other dog foods.

4) Bernedoodles feeding routine:

This breed loves to eat human food Whenever mealtimes come you gather your thoughts on what to serve them.

But if they like dog food then try to give him 1400 calories to 1800 calories in a day then you don’t want to make their tongue filled with other tasty foods that are not the right time to allow them to eat such as,

      • Rice
      • Lean Meat
      • Pineapple
      • Chesses cottage
      • Peanut butter

Is having too much popcorn is bad for their health?

Popcorns are very light treats or snacks for your pet, other foods are very heavy to digest.

this breed is small in size and shape and could not harm if they are served in a great way.

Always try to bake fresh air-popped popcorn and give only 3 to 4 pieces to him at an early age.

No, every kernel goes pop when you cook popcorn if your dog is still under one year then these kernels can damage his teeth or cause stomach problems inconveniently.

swissridge bernedoodles

5) Are Bernedoodles good family dog?

Remember when the first time you bring your pup to your home and decided to pet him for the rest of your lives?

It is very cute to have some animal walking around in your home and every member of the house loves him dearly.

So what will you if you pet him for one year and his birthday are coming?

Just like we as humans celebrate the joys of happiness with each of us and treat each other with special gifts so why not dogs.

After all, they are the members of your family and they should be treated as equal.

Often times people rather gifts their pets with some bones and cooked meals which dog dislike most of the time because they probably want something sweet and crunchy that can really satisfy their hunger.

So when you decide what to gift them for a special occasion try to consider all your options.

Many dog owners certainly don’t know that feeding the same dog food to their pets they will become upset from it.

your pet will refuse to eat any of them because what will you if you get to eat the same food over and over again on regular basis.

They are animals you can be very careful while making their diet plan.

mini bernedoodle rescue

6) Bernedoodles grooming:

This one does have a happy go lucky nature and intelligence.

You may try so many different ways to serve your dogs something more important than anything else, like cooked bones, custard, vegetables, yogurt, milk, meat, o.r some fruits.

Once they have tasted apples their mind will set on it.

Not only apples are a great healthy treat but also contain so many benefits for your dogs.

It is your pet’s birthday and you can’t simply serve him the standard delightful treats.

Why not try something different and use apples in some recipes that will greet your dog in so many ways.

There are basically two types of apple forms you can use in recipes including,

      • Applesauce cookies with peanut butter

      • Apple pretzel Oat dog treats

mini bernedoodle rescue

7) Bernedoodle training and exercise:

The perfect age for him to you should not allow your pet to train in a very early age, even though you have given him a little slice but still don’t make it a permanent habit of him.

Wait until he reaches to adulthood or at least is 9 or 10 weeks old.

They need daily walks occasionally.

Giving too many apples can show the negative results for your pet, apples are mainly human food and used for only when they are recommended and their birthday might be a good time,

to begin with, as they will appreciate your efforts.

Yes, you can take different fruits and mash them or garnish their look by removing seeds and stems with core and cut them into small slices.

Make apple juice which dogs enjoy drinking and also prove beneficial while training as well.

mini bernedoodle rescue

8) What is a miniature Bernedoodle?

The bernedoodle breed is like a crossbreed type that comes from Bernese mountain dog and poodle mix breeds like help dogs to maintain their physical strength and prevent diseases.

What is one thing that every dog owner is very concerned about?

 Its physical strength of his pet, remember when you brought your pet to your home he is very young as a puppy and can’t even walk properly and you want the best food for him to eat so he can grow with ease.

The vast majority of people have been seen doing the opposite thing they see their pets as animals and they feed them everything that they like even garbage or waste food.

Ultimately, they are tossing their beloved dogs into the world of diseases.

We as humans used to eat apples not occasionally but because of its natural abilities to make blood and prevent several symptoms of diseases, this can work very helpful for dogs as well.

You want your dog to run and walk freely on his own and you don’t want to pick him up and want to play with him then you should focus on his physical health.

There will be a time to come when you will see your dog is having trouble because you did not carefully feed him correctly either it is human food or commercial dog food.

First, you have to see that all of them are fresh and most importantly when you are feeding him apples.

mini bernedoodle rescue

9) Bernedoodle health problems:

We all know that everyone’s favorite pet Bernedoodle and them possess some of the powerful nutrition’s cravings.

No wonder why we eat them at breakfast or at dinner.

There are so many characteristics they have filled with vitamin C, phosphorus, and calcium which is perfect for dogs in so many ways.

Why don’t you just give it a try and feed him other foods after you feed him apples and see how they respond.

You will see that no matter which human food you gave them they will fill his belly but not gave him the strength as apples can provide in so many ways.

These are the diseases these Dogs oftentimes develop so many diseases if you do not take care of them properly.

Once you have noticed that you will clearly see that many natural diseases it will prevent in it such as,

      • Cancer
      • Diarrhea
      • Joint disease
      • Bellyache
      • Skin issues
      • bone issues
      • Progressive retinal atrophy

10) How much is a miniature Bernedoodle?

They certainly maintain the physical strength dogs in several ways, even if they don’t like them you have to make sure they get to taste them to maintain their physical strength from inside.

You have to keep serving them by making them in different ways like taking them to training sessions, and open ground for playing and feed them a treat.

You have to give it a try and see the positive results.

Because taking this step if you know the benefits or not will certainly worth it and you will be glad to see your companion live longer and participate in every activity.

You can get them from the average price of $2600 to $4000

you can also visit here



When you truly made up your mind to bring a Bernedoodle dog as your pet forever you need to take care of his foods list and only add those which he loves to eat by making the first choice to start from because simple corns cannot do the job the way they can.