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Mini Goldendoodle- the Miniature Poodle Mixes

Mini Goldendoodle

These are the mini puppies, which are cute and adorable that everyone loves to keep them as a pet.

This breed is a mix of poodle dogs with a golden retriever.

They are the mini puppies, which are supposed to be much active, friendly and smart.

Goldendoodles are also much popular because they are hypoallergenic.

History of Mini Goldendoodle

The breeders from North America and Australia have crossbreed the Golden retriever with poodles to produce a new dog.

They have started this cross breeding in the 1990s.

They have a specific purpose behind this cross-breeding.

They have crossbred them to produce a no allergic dog that can guide the individuals who are unable to view things.

There is also a term used for these crossbred dogs namely designer dogs.

These mini Goldendoodles are also known as designer dogs.

What is Goldendoodle and How Different types are produced?

A golden doodle is the mix of golden retriever and poodle breed.

Some of them are bred by the first cross between these two breeds.

There are also toy golden doodles available.

These can be of the size in between the miniature poodle dogs size and the golden retriever’s size.

To find out the temperament of these miniatures, you can look for all breeds in this cross.

Multi-generation crosses can produce these.

Different designers or breeder use different methods to produce a new mini Goldendoodle.

  • Some of the breeders cross 50% golden retriever with 50% poodle. This is the first generation cross and is purebred.
  • Some of them use 25% golden retriever with 75% poodle.
mini goldendoodle for sale ohio
People Also ask
  • What is the size of the mini golden doodle?
  • How much does mini golden doodle costs?
  • What are the health issues regarding mini Goldendoodle puppies?
  • How to maintain the health conditions of mini Goldendoodles?

Size of Mini Goldendoodle

These miniatures can vary in size depending upon the size of parent and composition.

The standard height of the mini Goldendoodles described by North American association is14 to 17 inches for an adult.

Their weight is around 26 to 35 pounds.

Mini Goldendoodle Temperament

When you make a mix of two breeds, it gets difficult to explain that which parent breed’s temperament that miniature is attaining.

These little cute mini Goldendoodle puppies are more intelligent and are considered as best pets.

These are much more loyal than many other breeds with the owners.

This breed is quite shy than other dogs which makes it difficult for them to engage with strangers.

So these take more time to make connections with strangers, but once they get affectionate with people, they get so friendly.

Goldendoodles are considered as friendly, intelligent, active and best companion.

You can make them socialize with the visitors, which is so much important to avoid any harm or danger.

 mini goldendoodle rescue

Health issues in Mini Goldendoodles

Every living thing has some health concerns that need to be taken care of.

Each one of the dog breeds has health issues, so these need medical care as well.

As these are the miniatures, so they are more prone to diseases.

Golden retrievers and poodles are prone to certain diseases like cancer, retinal atrophy and many others like that.

To maintain the health conditions it is also important to take proper care of diet.

As these are mini Goldendoodles, so these need a measured and standardized good quality food.

Because eating too much can make the fluffy and bulky which is not good for health. Moreover eating very less can make these miniatures look more tiny creatures that can be harmful as well.

Some of the major health concerns related to these Goldendoodles are as follows:

  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy

This is the degeneration of retina that can lead to blindness.

This disease is genetic, so it depends upon the parents whether the child will have this disease or not.

  • Von Willebrand’s disease

This disease is known as the blood clotting disorder in which blood of dogs contains less plasma, which does not allow the blood to clot.

This can cause dogs to suffer from excessive blood loss in case of small injury.

Therefore, this can be fatal for little mini Goldendoodle puppies.

  • Hip Dysplasia

This is the most commonly occurring health issue in the dogs breed.

This can also lead the dogs to have arthritis, which can harm the joints of dogs.

The dogs who suffer through this disease may have problems in walking, running and climbing.

mini goldendoodle indiana

Some Important Facts Regarding Goldendoodles

Every different species of dogs have different facts about them.

There are some important things that you need to know about mini Goldendoodles before you buy them.

  • Easily Sociable Dogs

These are the small puppies that you can groom and can make them adjust in your family environment easily.

As socializing small puppies is much easier than socializing huge dogs.

Additionally, these are also much friendly and playful.

Children love to play with dogs, and so are they.

So you can easily make them socialize with the children.

Moreover, it is also suitable to leave them alone with your children, as they will not harm your children at all.

  • Best Companions

These are the miniature dogs that can be easily fit into your home environment.

So if you are making them socialize among family members, they will easily get socialize.

These can also behave like your therapist, as these are the best companions.

They have a friendly and jolly nature, which makes it easier to adjust them in your home.

Their friendly nature along with the active behavior makes them more suitable for keeping them as a pet.

  • Not Good as Watch Dog

As we have discussed before that these are friendly and gentle so these are suitable for keeping as a watchdog.

These are considered as a calm and quiet breed of the dogs.

So they do not bark frequently and cannot alert the owner about any danger.

These are also shy, so they might not bark if someone enters the door of your house.

So honestly speaking, keeping them, as a watchdog is not a good decision.

They can also get interested in strangers if they treat them with love so they cannot protect your house for sure.

These cannot get much involved in strangers at the first meeting.

But once someone keeps on coming and interacting with them, they start trusting that person.

They do not bark too much, and once they start trusting someone, they will never bark on their entrance in the house.

So they will not be able to alert the owners about any danger.

Additionally, they will also not be able to protect the children so you can only leave the children with them for playing but not for protection.

So these are best for companionship but not as a watchdog.

mini goldendoodle for sale ohio

  • These are Hypoallergenic

There are dog breeds, which can cause allergies to the owners.

So if you are allergic, you need to take care of this thing that you keep a pet, which is hypoallergenic.

These are the best hypoallergenic dogs that cannot cause any allergy to the owner.

We accept the fact that there is no dog, which is nonallergic.

So you need to know that these mini Goldendoodles are the safest one because these do not contain many allergic contents.

The dogs, which are allergenic, can cause serious allergies to the owners and children are usually more prone to allergies.

So most of the people avoid keeping pets just because of these health concerns. But these hypoallergenic pets have reduced all the health concerns of getting allergies and any other disease.

This makes it possible and easy for people to keep pets. So they try to have this tiny, miniature and cute Goldendoodles as a guide dog. 

  • Easy To Train

These are the active dogs and need regular exercise to maintain their activity and health.

You need to make them exercise daily for nearly 20-30 minutes.

This will not only be helpful for their activity but can also make them physically healthy.

Mostly every dog breed is keen and excited about rewards.

So whenever you have to train them use rewards and reinforcement.

These are very smart and respond much better in case of rewards.

So it gets easier to train them effectively according to your home environment. 

Among all other things, potty training is the most important thing that gets difficult for dogs.

You can easily train them by using incentives and reinforcement for them.

  • Grooming of Mini Goldendoodle Dogs

These are a mix of poodle and golden retriever, which have less or even zero shredding.

This zero or very less shredding means that these do not need much grooming.

How much grooming does your pet need, it totally depends upon its genes.

You always need some grooming to make the Goldendoodle look more fresh and cute.

Make sure that you keep on trimming and brushing your dog’s hair.

Making them clean and perfectly groomed, you can also avoid every type of health problems.

As many of the health issues are just because of dirty and unhygienic conditions.

So if you are grooming your pet and keeping it clean, you can keep your pet healthy.

So by using the money on grooming, you can easily save money that is to be spent on health issues.

mini goldendoodle indiana

Mini Goldendoodle rescue

Goldendoodles are so prone to different harms because of their miniature size and vulnerability.

So different organizations are developing for the sake of betterment and mini Goldendoodle rescue.

Any of the owners might not like to keep the Goldendoodle pet anymore.

So these organizations are making new shelters and homes for Goldendoodles to rescue them.

Moreover, if you want to keep them as pets, you can adopt them from rescue centers.

You can save their lives and can give a good and healthy life for them.

There are also some cases in which owners get irritated from their pets and leave them alone.

This can make these miniatures to die of starvation and carelessness, as these are too tiny and are unable to take care of themselves. 

Goldendoodles for sale

These are the amazing cross breeds, which are available for sale around the globe.

One can buy Goldendoodles from Florida and Indiana as well.

There are different sales point and rescue centers for Goldendoodles in Florida and Indiana.

Therefore, you can adapt them easily at a highly reasonable cost.

In addition to rescue centers, there are also some farms available for Goldendoodles in Florida from where you can get this amazing pet.

Additionally, there are also some Goldendoodle farms in Indiana as well.

How Much Does Mini Goldendoodle Costs?

There are different breeders who are cross-breeding the dog breeds to produce new dogs.

So they are producing them in different categories by mixing the poodle and golden retriever in a different composition.

According to the composition and gene factors, they have different costs.

Different breeders also cost different for their Goldendoodles. Additionally, the area from where you are adopting or buying them also has an impact on the price.

Most of the times you go through different areas and find different rates for the same breed of dogs.

There are some extra costs including taxes and transportation cost.

So this causes an increase in the rates of Goldendoodles.

If we speak about the rates on average, their price ranges between $1500 to$3500.

you can also visit

In addition to this cost, there are also some expenses for these pets.

Like the maintenance cost, taxes and good quality food expenses.

So before you buy a pet make sure that you can handle all the expenses of your Goldendoodle.



Russian Bear Dog- [Latest] Ultimate Caucasian Shepherd Guide

russian bear Dog

Everyone loves to keep dogs as pets because dogs can protect the house so you will feel safe.

These Russian Bear Dog or  Caucasian Shepherds are the best Protective Dogs that one can have.

These are the riskiest dogs to keep at the house but are the devoted guardians and can also remain calm and gentle.

Origin of Russian Bear Dog

These were originated in Kavkaz the Caucasus mountains in Eastern Europe.

Just like other mountain dogs, these were also supposed to use as a protector dog.

Most people use to keep them so that they can keep themselves safe from wolves.

This protecting dog breed originated from Europe in the 1920s.

Most of the times industrialists also have used them to protect their factories and industries.

United Kennel club registered them as a breed in 1995.

People also ask

What is the Lifespan of Russian Bear Dogs?

Russian bear dog full grown

How much does Russian bear dog weigh?

How much does Russian bear dog costs?

russian shepherd dog puppies

Russian Bear Dog Size

There is the fact that the Russian bear dog can grow as big as a tiger.

There is no doubt in this fact, because of this these are well known as protectors or guarding dogs. Their size can be nearly 30 inches.

Sizes also vary according to their gender as females usually have a shorter height.

Russian bear dog’s size can also vary differently depending upon their diet and daily routine.

As staying free all the time and taking too, much diet can cause an increase in weight, which in turn can lead Russian bear dog size to increase.

Usually, their standard weight is 99 to170 pounds, but some of them can grow exceptionally to 200 pounds.

Females are bit smaller than males but are still larger than other dog breeds.

These Russian bear dog females along with puppies can be more dangerous for strangers.

So you should avoid having interaction with this out if you are not known to it before.

Nutrition for Russian Bear Dogs

As we, all know these are the big dogs, so they also need some extraordinary nutrition.

Proper and appropriate nutrition can keep them healthy to protect their owners.

When you get Russian bear dog puppy, you must need to know about proper diet plan for them.

These dogs keep on growing till 2 years of age so you can increase their growth by giving the right type of nutrition.

These puppies always need good quality food that contains all the necessary nutrition.

Make sure that the food you are giving to these Russian bear dog puppies contains the right amount of calories and calcium.

Having the right amount of calcium make it sure, that the puppy will remain completely healthy at an older age.

These grow slower than other breeds, which ensures that these do not have to suffer through any of the bone disorder.

This slow growth makes sure that everything grows properly without any problem.

When these are grownups then it is time to give them a food that is suitable for older dogs, glucosamine is the thing through which you can prevent any bone disorder.

russian bear dog size

Russian Breed Dog Temperament

People usually have these Russian bear puppies for guarding their areas, so they always need an active and alert pet.

These dogs are always very nice with the owners but are so much aggressive for the intruders.

These dogs are trained to make them aware of the close family so that they can easily get attached to them.

Once they get attached to the close family, these will be safe for children as well. But they will always remain dangerous for the outsiders.

They can easily make the owners alert about any possible danger by barking again and again.

Whenever any stranger visits your house, it takes time and patience to make the Russian bear puppy aware of that person.

Important things to take care of for maintenance of health

Honestly speaking these are the dangerous breed as these can harm you if you are not known to them.

Other than danger, these are much more efficient in protecting your property.

But for fulfilling their duty appropriately, it is important to keep them healthy.

For having good health two of the things are so much important. One of them is the appropriate diet, and the other one is regular exercise.

  • Appropriate Diet

When these are the Russian bear dog puppies, these always need more energy.

So the meal you provide to them must be 4 times a day.

Once the Russian bear dog is a grown-up, you can reduce the meal to 2 times a day.

You can take advice from any veterinarian or any dietician to give the right type of diet to your dogs.

Make sure that during the period of development you are giving it a regular diet.

As giving extra diet can cause harm to the health of the puppy.

Because these always need a balanced diet not too less and also not too excessive.

When a Russian dog is a puppy, it needs nearly 9.7 to 12.5 per kg of body weight of proteins in the diet.

Moreover, when these are full grown up this protein consumption reduces to nearly 2. 62 per kg of body weight.

When we talk about calories to consume by these giant dogs, they need 20 calories per pound of body weight per day.

These dogs can easily put on weight, so you always need to take proper care about their diet.

Daily Exercise

Exercise is important to keep the body active and as these Russian bear; dog puppies are protecting dogs, so these need to be more active.

In growing age, make sure that you make them exercise appropriate to their age.

Excessive exercise can increase strain on their joints and bones.

Moving and jumping in growing age can help the giant dog breed to have healthy development of hip and elbow dysplasia.

How To Train Russian Bear Dog?

All of the pets need some training like potty training and manners.

But the breeds, which are used as a guardian, need more training to behave gently with close family.

Just like the other dog breeds these also respond better to the reinforcement and rewards.

Showing positive gestures, love and affection can make them learn skills easily.

Dogs learn their behaviors through operant conditioning that they learn behavior on the bases of consequences.

Whenever you give them some reward, they will for sure repeat that behavior again and again.

Train the Russian breed dog puppies in a huge area, as they love to roam around in open and larger area.

Always try not to punish them as this can cause a very bad effect on its behavior.

Russian Bear Dog Socialization

When you have a Russian bear puppy as a pet, it is easy to train and socialize them.

Whereas when you have bought a giant one, it gets difficult to socialize them.

So most of the people prefer to have a puppy so that they can train them according to their lifestyle.

This giant Russian bear dog can harm the person and can cause severe damage to the person.

So to avoid these type of severe damages, it is important to make them socialize and aware of the close family.

Otherwise, you will not be able to leave this puppy alone with your children.

The way in which you are about to train the dog and socialize it, this has a strong impact on the puppy’s future temperament.

These are usually fearless in their younger age but gets fearful of strangers in their growing age.

If you do not make them socialize with people, these will start looking at everyone as a stranger.

This will be much harmful to Russian bear dogs and also for society.

So we can say that socialization for these puppies is so much more important than any other thing.

russian shepherd dog

Health Issues of Russian Bear Dogs

Every species that comes on earth has some sorts of health issues through which they suffer.

Just like other breeds, Russian bear dogs also suffer from some of the common health issues.

  • Hip Dysplasia

This is the health issue that most of the giant breeds suffer from.

In this disorder, dogs suffer from abnormal development of hip joint that leads to the pain and stiffness in the hip joint.

This can be reduced by using medication, and in severe conditions, you can also operate them.

  • Eye Issues

They suffer through cataracts in which they have opacity in the lens.

This can lead them to have vision loss that can then lead to full blindness.

These cataracts can be treated through surgeries, but these can also relapse.

Grooming of Russian Bear Dogs

Every pet needs the appropriate and right type of grooming to remain healthy and looking cute.

Like these Caucasian shepherds are so much furry and if are not groomed properly their furs can mess up and make them look clumsy.

You can start grooming of your Russian bear dogs when these are a puppy as once these are grown up these will not allow you to groom them.

Without grooming, their furs can come in front of their eyes and these also can get smelly.

In addition to the furs, other things also need to be taken care of so that it will look beautiful and cute.

As their bad condition can make your children afraid of them and you will not be able to leave your puppies alone with your children.

The lifespan of Russian Bear Dogs

Every species has a specific lifespan that can change with the changing health and environmental conditions.

If the pet is well groomed, healthy and is appropriately taken care of by the owner, it will survive more.

You can call the veterinarian for regular and routine checkups.

This will help you to avoid any health-related issues. Avoiding health issues can increase their lifespan for sure.

The Russian bear dog lives for nearly 12 years. Keeping their hip and eyes in good condition can improve their life quality.

Additionally, by controlling their dietary habits, you can improve their life span. As excessive eating can cause obesity and this obesity can decrease life quality.

So to avoid any harm and increase the lifespan of your dog try to keep it slim and smart.

How Much Does Russian bear Dog Costs?

These pets are usually expensive enough to buy.

Honestly speaking the giant puppies and dogs always cost more than the smaller ones.

Russian bear dog price ranges between $1000- $2000. This expensive cost tells that how much these are precious to the owners.

The price is not the same for every breeder as different breeders offer different rates for the puppies.

There are also breeders of Russian bear dogs who are selling them in $500- $2000.

This is only the buying price, and the story will not end here.

Whenever you own any pet, it is necessary to keep proper care of it.

So you need to spend money on its grooming and health care issues.

Like you must have to contact any veterinarian to get regular health checkup of Russian bear dog.

These veterinarian bills are also included in Russian bear dog price.

Other than these bills the feed that these pets eat also costs some amount.

So you will always have to set some budget before you buy a pet.

Additionally, these also need to have regular vaccinations and also need pet insurance.

So if you can afford and take proper care of your Russian bear dog puppy, then you should go for buying it.

Otherwise, if you are not good at taking care of it and is also short of budget then avoid purchasing a pet.

Mini Labradoodle – 8 Amazing Things That Make it a Complete Family Dog

Mini Labradoodle

Planning to buy a new pet for your family?

You should pick Mini Labradoodle that is fun loving, sweet natured and lovable companions.

This post will give the latest info and facts relevantly.

Quick facts about Mini Labradoodle:

  • Height:                13 to 15 inches
  • Weight:               10 to 40 Kg
  • Size:                   miniature, medium, and standard
  • Temperament:    playful, active, loyal, affectionate, energetic, and sociable
  • Color coat:          black and Tan, brown, cream, blue, and golden grey
  • Breed type:         Poodle and Labrador retriever mix
  • Lifespan:            12 to 16 years

Mini Labradoodle

Mini Labradoodle overview:

There are so many dog breeds in the worlds and have you ever thought why most people want to get a loving dog?

Let me put this in another way, how much space you have in your heart for Mini Labradoodle?

This is a type of pet which is incredibly friendly, attractive, and sweet. This is the reason they are considered today’s most famous dogs in the modern world.

If you are passionate about this breed then you should totally give this one a try to make

the perfect companion and bring home right away.

It loves to play with kids and always want human attention. The level of intelligence and personality makes him easy to train and also can be used as service dogs.

1) What exactly is a Mini Labradoodle?

For those of you who are making their mind to buy this dog, first, you need to be aware of what it is to make your thought crystal clear.

Basically, miniature labradoodle is a small dog which is a cross breed between a standard size poodle and Labrador retriever.

This one has a cute and fluffy appearance with a distinctive multigenerational coating that happens to be super soft and rug like.

toy labradoodle

2) Are mini labradoodle good pets?

You will see that once you brought one at home.

This dog is considered a family dog because it is energetic social nature makes it an adorable one.

They always remember their owner and obey every command if trained well.

You want to take them out for a walk or play at home. They can certainly fill the gap of being good pets.

3) What size is a mini labradoodle?

You may think of whether or not to pick an adult or puppy mini labradoodle?

Well based on their sizes they can grow typically from 14 to 17 inches.

But some of them can reach 24 inches tall if they are inherited from their parent Labrador size.

It is commonly mature to 16 to 26 pounds because they are hybrid and this closer they can grow.

However, it depends on which age you bought one.

toy labradoodle

4) Mini labradoodle health:

Health issues are pretty common in most hybrids.

As a pet owner, you need to do your homework and understand their health issues from an early stage to treat them.

With mini labradoodle puppies you can expect them to inherit some from parents but still, there are other health conditions they can develop such as,

  • Hip and joint dysplasia
  • Cocker spaniels
  • Eye problems
  • Skin Irritations
  • Allergies
  • Leg Perthes disease
  • Orthopedic problems


5) Mini Labradoodle training:

Since mini labradoodle are not large dogs.

But they are still active and will definitely need one long walk on daily basis to keep him in good physical and mental shape.

He loves to go swimming, running, biking, and water activities.

Take him to park and spent one hour with him by doing exercises that make him more social and sports lover he is from nature.

The best option for him to walk from 30 to 60 minutes

toy labradoodle

6) Mini Labradoodle diet plan:

Mostly these dogs love to eat raw food. But still, they do not eat much.

You will be surprised to see that the level of frequency in their food is based on the age of a dog, health, and sensitivity levels.

You need to pay attention and careful what you are giving him and probably focus on rich diet and grain free food including,

  • Cooked chicken
  • Salmon
  • Turkey
  • Peas
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Brown rice
  • Yogurt
  • Pumpkin
  • Fruit like, oranges, bananas, and apples


7) Are labradoodle good family pets?

Are you ready to train, exercise, and socialize your dog?

Want to spend good quality time with lots o grooming and is your family is on board too with the idea of getting a personal dog as a pet?

Then you should definitely choose Mini Labradoodle, a mixed breed with happily benefits and pleasant temperament with lower shedding, and intelligent pup you can ever have.

If you want to make your choice clear, then you should welcome this cute, and fun loving dog to your family where kids will love to have him around and enjoy.

mini labradoodle size

8) How much is a Mini Labradoodle?

many pet owners will think twice to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on special breeds.

But if you are in the market and only want to have mini labradoodle then it will cost you from $500 to $1000 depending on the size and age.

You can search online, visit pet rescue camps, and even try the local market to find him.

Special note: (it always good to go for cheaper one first and go for puppies).


Final verdict:

These are some interesting facts about this mini labradoodle that is considered as the first and popular choice for any pet owner.

Whether you are new and have little experience in petting this breed will make an excellent choice for your whole family.












Morkie- A complete Guide About This Cute Tiny Beautiful Puppy.


Morkie is a Tiny Puppy that is also known as Morkshire Terrier.

It is very fluffy and cute that you can’t get your hands off him, but it’s also very stubborn, which mean you have to be patient with this breed of dogs.

Morkie is a dog that requires more attention and will want you to play with him, as he is very playful.

If you are planning to buy this one, then you have to be careful and have to take good care of this puppy, as it tends to inherit some health issues from pedigree forebear.

This type of puppy is confident and fearless which often put them into troubles they do not know how tiny and fragile they are.

So you have been careful around them so never leave them alone.

Morkie is going to be with you and will accompany you wherever you go because of its attention seeking nature.

It is a watchful dog that is very alert and going to warn you whenever anyone comes to your house.

Since they need all of the cares, it’s better than an adult owns this puppy does all these things as a kid will not be able to take care of the puppy in a good manner.



Is Morkie a good family dog?

It’s a puppy that’s very cute and sweet and is an ideal family dog.

He is going to play with you all day long, going to sit on your lap and will love you and would want your attention all the time.

But morkie temperament is a bit aggressive and barks most of the time when they want you or want you to be alert about someone is coming.

But they love kids and cats and are never going to harm to your children because of its loveable nature.

They eat a lot so make sure you are not fooled by the small body it has.

Also, they get sick very easily as they are small and fragile so keep them covered in winters,

so they do not get sick.

Taking him to a vet for different vaccines can cause a bit problem for you as it will get aggressive and bark to show their discomfort.

So it would be better if you train them as soon as possible to deal with its aggressive nature.

It does not shed much hair because they have fur and not hair, but it still does not mean that morkie is hypoallergenic,

It can cause allergy to people who are severely allergic, while others can still tolerate it so before you think of buying market is important that you consider this fact


What health problems do Morkies have?


Morkie is the combination of two breeds,i.e. Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier,

therefore it inherits its health problems from both the breeds.

There are prone to many health problems some of them are collapsed

  • Trachea
  • Reverse sneezing
  • Tracheal collapse
  • Cataracts
  • Medical patellar luxation
  • Valvular heart diseases
  • Kidney failure

                            and many more so you have to be very careful with them.

You have to be on your toes when it comes to morkie’s health because it gets sick often as compared to other breeds.

Therefore, when he is ill, you have to keep your kids away from morkie, so they do not catch sickness for it.

But if you want to avoid the sickness part, then you have to keep him in good shape by making him exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes.

Giving him healthy food and in case of any illness taking him to the vet as soon as possible for early treatment.

Also, they must be properly groomed by getting their haircuts done after every 6 to 10 weeks.

Because they don’t shed much hair and require proper haircut so that their hair doesn’t get knots.

And also the area around the eyes should be kept clean to avoid debris buildup, and his teeth should also be brushed to keep his teeth free from all types of cavities.

So they might be small in size but requires a lot of care.


How much costly a Morkie is?

Since it, a high maintenance puppy, cute, low shedding and is a hybrid breed puppy, so that why it’s very costly.

It can cost you in between $850 to $3700 because of its never-ending demand he is the most popular pet among people.

Also, there are going to other costs when you buy this puppy like vaccination cost, food cost, insurance, checkup cost, training cost, grooming cost, and license cost.

All this will further increase the digits, but the cost doesn’t matter if you know that you will have a friend for life who is going to be with you all the time.

But before you decide on buying this puppy, you should buy them from a reputable owner and get it properly checked by the vet.

Also if you have made the decision then you have to make up your mind about the training it requires, it going to need you all the time, you will have to take extra care of morkie in the winter season.

And they need to socialize so make sure you take them out often with you.

Also, there are many sites where people are selling Morkie on sale so you can visit those sites and can get it at a bit low price.


 Things before you make up your mind for buying a morkie

  • Morkie’s have a life span of 10-13 years, which is a long life as compared to other breed and this also means a long term commitment of taking care of the dog, and you have to fulfill that commitment otherwise you should opt for a morkie.


  • Morkie barks a lot like all the time, which is going to bother you the most because this barking makes him happy so if you have kids with you who sleep early at night or takes naps, then you will have to make them used to of this noise.


  • They want food all the damn time, and that is going to be the biggest problem for you as you have to spend a lot of money on food and also the food that doesn’t make him obese and instead make him fir and healthy.


  • Since it is very small, so you have to around him all the time or keep an eye on him, so he does not hurt himself or any kids does not hurt him while playing with him.


  • They are really small and normally weighs 8 pounds, which makes them extremely fragile, so you have to be extra careful. If you want to buy Because they can easily hurt themselves by the smallest things, or even you can hurt them with a tiny mistake so if you really want a Morkie then you have to be extra careful.



Is Morkie easy to potty train?

Have you ever potty trained a child?

If not then let me tell you it’s damn hard to potty train a child, as there will lot of accidents and shouting but after sometimes when he will start giving you sign it will get easier.

If you know how to potty train a child then you already know the answer to this question.

Actually, this breed is very playful and energetic and sometimes aggressive and this a deadly combination when it comes to potty training.

It takes a lot of your energy to potty train a puppy but once it’s done then you will be the happiest person on earth, and when he is all grown up it will become easier for you.


 Steps involved in potty training a Morkie

  • Since it is a small puppy and therefore, has a small bladder so make sure, you take him at regular intervals, as they cannot hold it now. 


  • Also trying talking to him about this and say words so that he can understand that what is going for now like whenever you take him to say potty time so that he can get a better understanding. During that time do not play with him, stay there quietly waiting for the puppy to do it.


  • Once he does it, try to appreciate that through lots of praising so that he can understand that he has done a good job.


  • When you are out with the puppy, restrict him to a small area or crate him to reduce the chances of accidents. Make it easy for you to clean the mess afterward.


  • Set an eating routine for your puppy, by giving him food at the same time every day. This will set his potty routine and then you will have to take him out on his potty timings.


  • Sometimes your puppy is going to leak urine out of excitement or nervousness and that normal, and you cannot help it. But he will outgrow this thing once he is 6 months old, so you do not have to punish him for that.

Follow all these steps and be patient and he will be potty trained in no time.

Pros and Cons of having Morkie:

Now that we know that morkie is a mixed breed.

Therefore, contains the characteristics of both the Yorkie and Maltese and the combination may not be 50:50 every time so its temperament and its looks will depend on that too.

  • Morkies are smart, active and very friendly with animals.
  • They are cute little puppies and have fluffy hair.
  • It can be carried in your bag and are very playful.
  • They have a long life
  • It sheds low hair as compared to other dogs.
  • They can live in a small space.
  • They are always loyal to their owners and love them unconditionally.


  • They bark most of the time that is very annoying.
  • These are very fragile due to their small weight.
  • Morkie needs proper grooming due to the low shedding.
  • They need you and your attention all the time.
  • These have an aggressive nature.
  • Morkies are prone to cold weather.
  • They eat a lot of food.



If you want a morkie then it is very important that you train him as soon as possible to overcome all his bad habits like barking and not leaving you alone.

It’s easy to train a morkie as it is an intelligent puppy, but you have to be patient and give him some time to understand your instructions.

Since they are already very energetic, so exercise for 30 minutes would also do.

You can teach him commands like sit stand quite down etc.

Make sure that you train him in a fun environment and avoid being harsh as it would do more harm than good.

Try appreciating him when he does well.

Another concern related to morkie is its health, as they are more prone to health issues.

If you want to avoid health expenses then make sure you buy morkie from a breeder that is reputed and provides you full health history.

It avoid going to puppy mills or shops which don’t provide full health history.

Also, it’s important to take morkie for its timely vaccinations and regular checkup.

This dog requires more food than its size, so you need to have a lot of food for you all time hungry puppy.

But make sure they eat healthy food and keep the weight in check to avoid obesity as it can lead to heart diseases and bone joints.

It’s up to you if you want to store feed or feed him home cooked food both are healthy.

If you want to cook at home then there are many meals that you can cook like

  • Boiled eggs
  • Carrots that are slightly cooked
  • Cooked meat
  • Boiled potatoes
  • boiled pumpkin

even you can give him fruits like

  • blueberries,
  • apples.

In short, a puppy is going to love you with all his heart to make sure you do the same.



Chiweenie – 10 Things You Should know about this Cute Little Crossbreed

chiweenie dog

 Does it look like you want a sweet little lap dog that has heart of gold?

You should pick Chiweenie that is an excellent pet for a family.

This post will give you the latest info and answers.

Quick facts about Chiweenie:

Weight: 7 to 12 pounds

Height: 9 to 13 inches

Size: small

Temperament: fearless, protective, playful, loyal, and energetic

Coat color: multicolored, brown, blonde, black, and Tan

Breed type: Dachshund, and Chihuahua

Lifespan: 14 to 16 years


Many people think that dogs really bring joy in their life which is quite true because the number of pet dog owners is growing across the world.

Who does not want to fill their homes with happiness and animals believes to be the source of that.

The people truly know how much dogs are important for indoor and outdoor petting.

But they only like that kind of a breed that has shorter hair and are toy size in shape.

Chiweenie is playful, adorable and very attractive in personality that every person that looks at them and want to pick it up happily.

You can’t underestimate the power of a pet because many believe that owning a pet dog can bring them luck in their homes and that’s why they will never let go of them.

Many pet owners bring cats to home thinking they will find a friend forever in them which is true but it is also very necessary to know which breed could live up to your expectations.

With that being said below we listed some real facts about are Chiweenies.

These are more valuable than other pet dogs for adoption to help you understand how you can possibly know this breed is very lucky for you.

What kind of pet’s a person most like? 

Can they really get trained?

Why they bring more value instead of other dog breeds, and at what price you can get them in your region.


chiweenie dog
Cute mixed Chihuahua and Dachshund crossbreed dog sitting to side over white


1) Chiweenie Puppies:

How you can possibly know this breed is very lucky for you?

As puppies, this breed is usually weighted 2.5 ounces.

The moment you bring this breed to your home you will see that the whole atmosphere will change because they are very much friendly and your kids would love to have them.

You won’t regret once you made the decision of adopting them. Usually, people like to have rather than adult ones.

Because everyone has the same type of pets in the world but only a few are known to pick this breed.


2) Chiweenie trainability:

These dogs are smart, yet their personal identity and determination make them difficult to prepare, particularly when the pet owner has practically zero training experience.

Chihuahua dachshund blend dogs are medium active dogs and love to play with their owners, so they have to remain occupied for around two hours per day, other than their every day walk.

Dachshunds were initially born to be fearless chasing dogs.

This intense and bold attitude of mind that still dwells in a numerous way to show itself in his attempts to have your previous pet replaced as the leader of the family!

This sort of behavior should be tended to in the event that you need to have a sound association with your pet.


chiweenie dog


3) Chiweenie Grooming:

Chiweenies are low-shedding pets and are anything but difficult to groom.

They shed less, and this will make them low maintenance pets.

Depending upon the breed and what qualities, Chiweenie acquires from their parents, and their coat can be long or short or cushioned.

Brushing their coat every week is adequate for a short coat.

You need to care more if the coat is longer. Else, you are going to see hairs all around the house.

They may have some dental issues, so you should be cautious about brushing their teeth.

Brushing their teeth three times each week will be great practice.

Their nails should be cut all the time like all other breeds, cutting their nails more than once per month will be sufficient.

They develop nails excessively long, you Chiweenie can obliterate the things around him and furthermore can harm him and you as well.


4) Is a Chiweenie a good dog?


Before you make on the important choice on your next family pet, there are a couple of interesting points, particularly in case you’re investigating a Chihuahua Dachshund Mix.

While their little size is positive that you have a little living space, it can likewise carry with it some wellbeing concerns. 

For the Chiweenie that inherits its Chihuahua parent’s little skull and mouth, you’ll be increasingly steady about his dental wellbeing.

He’ll require regular cleanings and checkups.

Since his teeth will probably get bacteria more effectively.

Furthermore, since Chiweenies have the Dachshund short legs, long and weaker back structure.

What’s more, perhaps a genetic condition that inclines them to back issues, It’s best that they live in a home where hopping or going up and down steps won’t be a part of their day by day exercises.


long haired Chiweenie


5) Chiweenie feeding routine:


It is important that you should have a clean diet plan before you offer to your pet dogs.

No wonder petting is not a joke sometimes you have to make compromises in order to adjust the dog in your life.

As dogs are the first choice for anyone who is having the interest to protect their house, there are so many foods you gave him throughout his life cycle but have you ever think about are they really clean and safe for your pets.

Don’t even think about if dogs are animals so you can feed him any garbage or wasted food but in reality, you are making their lives miserable and suffered from pain.

You have to make your pup happy and should enjoy feeding him unless petting is not for you if you don’t value a living being’s life.

There are so many things you gave him over the years to satisfy his hunger and when it comes to human food they can’t just resist anymore.

Fruits are the only things that come in mind that are not only delicious but also filled with so many potential nutritional benefits for dogs.

So when you find your dog searching for apples by jumping at the fridge or at dustbin try not to avoid it and at least gave him the taste e wants.

So feeding them fresh healthy homemade food is safe compared to regular commercial dog food


6) Is Chiweenies Aggressive?

If you are searching for a lovely and energetic lapdog, a Chiweenie is certainly a decent decision for you.

What you can’t expect of them, in any case, is a friendly behavior toward other individuals, and kids specifically.

Aggression is a typical characteristic for little dogs, and Chiweenies are no special case.

They are not dangerous and are very smart, so whatever their issue is, it tends to be dealt with.

Chiweenies are definitely lap dog they spend the bigger part of the day resting sleeping alongside their owners.

They have a need to twist up with masters during the evening which is convenient once the winter comes.

This is great for younger Chiweenies they appreciate a dynamic and energized puppyhood when they need a lot of consideration and significantly more playtime with the owners.




chiweenie lifespan


7) Chiweenie temperament:

Chiweenies are loyal, energetic, playful and friendly pets.

They inherited the temperament of Chihuahua more than the Dachshund.

They like to be with all of you the time and need to cuddle and play.

The Chiweenie breed needs to be the center point of the owner’s consideration.

They can be exceptionally friendly to the people they see all the time.

These dogs can once in a while build up a solid bond with a family member.

They can be stubborn in some cases, and if they are left alone for quite a while, it can create separation anxiety.

Despite their little size, they are a magnificent guard dog.

They are alert and notice everything occurring around them.

They tend to bark, and they have a loud voice.

Chiweenies are best for the apartment living, singles and families with more grow up kids.

They are not perfect for families with little children since they get irritated when there is excessive noise and when somebody teases them.

They are intelligent dogs and learn everything very quickly


chiweenie lifespan

8) Chiweenie health problems:

The Chiweenie dog is a genuinely active and healthy puppy.

In any case, similar to any mixed breed, this puppy may inherit normal illnesses which might be related with each parent breed.

It is important for any dependable puppy owner to comprehend which medical issues may emerge from their Chihuahua and Dachshund parent breeds with the goal that their pooch can remain fit, healthy and feisty.

Allergies are the most well-known medical problem found in the Chiweenie.

This is shocking because of their parent breed, the Chihuahua, who is known to experience the ill effects of an assortment of allergies.

Hypersensitivity is a negative reaction by your little pup’s body to a specific thing, for example, food, dust or even pollen.

These dogs can develop diseases very fast rather than humans.

Will you ever feed your dog the meal which you have left because it is too old or gets burn, or you serve him his dog’s disease which gets late?

He will eat it what you will give him but after that, you have to face the consequences. Here are some common health issues including,

  • Allergies
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Early hip dyspepsia
  • Irritated skin
  • Hair loss
  • licking to paws

Chiweenie Nutrition requirements:

The million dollar question is that what good nutrition’s do to your dogs here are few of the health benefits of them such as,

  • Improves the stomach and intestines system
  • Fights with the joint diseases
  • Prevent the forms of cancer and keep it away
  • The fruits contained Omega 3 fatty acid can improve the quality of your pup’s skin
  • Keeps their coat in a healthy position


9) What is the life expectancy of a Chiweenie?


Chiweenie Puppies average life expectancy is 14 to 16 years.

They loved to eat sweet things, where most pet owners give him chocolate which is not allowed for your dog.

The result can impact on his teeth and strain it or could ruin his teeth and taste of eating things where apples are the perfect choice to satisfy your dog’s sweet habit.

If you own a pup that is very little and could not eat fruits then you should stop and waiting until he is 8 or 10 weeks old and then start giving him at least one or two years,

You will see with this habit slowly he will love to eat fruits and will improve his health until he reaches adulthood.

As a pet owner, you first need to consult with veterinarian a pet specialist who will prescribe to you that how many apples you should give him according to his health so you won’t have to face any problems in near future.


10) How much is a Chiweenie dog worth?


At what price you can get Chiweenie dog in your region or areas?

You will find a mostly shorthaired sale from $350 to $650 or more depending on your choices.