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Long-Haired German Shepherd-10 Things You Need to Know About This Smart Dog

long haired gernal shephard

German Shepherds are one of the most desirable dogs for everyone.

It is favorite of the cop and the hunters. These dogs are the ones who always breed for protection purpose.

However, when you look around your surroundings, you will know that most of the German Shepherds look alike with their short hairs and undercoat, especially if you are living in the United States.

However, have you ever heard about longhaired German Shepherd?

No matter whatever your answer is, let me tell you they are most lovable dogs and is ready to be your pet.

The reason is not clear why long haired German Shepherds have their long hair?

But their long hair makes them adorable and fluffy dogs.

If you want to have one, they must consider the ten facts about long haired German Shepherds, you need to know while having the one:

1)-They are Great Family Pets

When it comes to long haired German Shepherds, instead of using for the military purpose, they mostly prefer living with the families.

Their temperament is lovable and lively. Once you train them or let it train with the professional, they will be good for your family, even the families with the younger kids.

Not only this, long-haired German Shepherds are likely to spend time indoors, and they are also good with other pets.

They love to make you happy and once adjust within a family; they will protect you and your family from the core.

Remember that German Shepherds of all kind have a quite nice behavior towards their family, but when it comes to long haired German Shepherds, they are much nicer than their short-haired counterparts.

They are pleased to spend time with the younger kids.

In this way, undoubtedly long haired German Shepherds are the great pets for the families.

Long-Haired German Shepherd

2)-The Fault in their Genes

The long-haired German Shepherds are not lesser than other German Shepherds, but most people consider them faulty gene.

However, they are a recessive gene because of the rarity of this gene.

If you want something, which refers to the high breed, long-haired German Shepherds might not for you.

They are lovely pets and do not come from the lesser breeds, but the common perspective of the people can lead them to doubt their breeds.

As compared to short haired German Shepherds, long-haired German Shepherds come from the gene, which is differentiated from their other counterpart by hair quality and texture.

However, they should not be underestimated due to this.

Though if you want to make an impression of a rare breed to your acquaintance, then this unique breed is for you.

3)-Long Haired German will take your Time with Grooming

If you want the dog, which takes less time for grooming, long-haired German Shepherd is not for you.

You know the long and shiny hairs come with a price.

This is the same case with the long-haired German Shepherds.

Their shiny hairs need maintenance as well as their nails.

However, the main benefits of having a long-haired German Shepherds is the requirement of the less cleaning.

They require the bath lesser time than standard German Shepherds.

Moreover, their long hairs do not shed frequently, because they tangle each other due to their length.

It means less cleaning and more grooming with the long-haired German Shepherds.


Long-Haired German Shepherd

4)-The Same Breed as Standard German Shepherds

If you are looking for the long-haired German Shepherds just because you want to have a rare breed, then you can go with them.

However, if your purpose is to show that this breed is better than standard German Shepherds, then you are wrong.

The long-haired German Shepherds and the standard German Shepherds have no dissimilarities except the length of their hairs.

If you know about the breed of the different dogs in detail, you will know that German Shepherds can be divided into four breeds as per the length of their hairs and coats.

Out of four kinds of German Shepherds, two have long hairs, and two have the medium or short hairs.

As per the standard, both short and medium hair German Shepherds has the undercoat.

However, when it comes to the long-haired breed of the German Shepherds, most of the dogs do not have the undercoat besides incredible few.

Moreover, the feature and facial expressions and body texture, everything of the long-haired German Shepherds is similar to its short-haired brethren.

As per their breed, the most interesting thing about the long-haired German Shepherds that they can be born in the home of short-haired German Shepherds patents if the gene of them has the mixture.

Therefore, long-haired German Shepherds are the same breed as other German Shepherds beside their shined and fluffy hairs.

The average height of the long-haired German Shepherds is about 24 to 26 inches and with the weight of 66 to 88 pounds in the case of male German Shepherds.

As per the female, their weight measures about 51 to 73 pounds with a height of 22 to 24 inches.

This measurement is the same as the standard German Shepherds.


5)-Health and Age of Long Haired German Shepherds

As they are the same as the standard breed of German Shepherd, in this way, their age and health issues are also similar to them.

The average age of long-haired German Shepherds is 9 to 13 years.

About their health, they consider quite healthy dogs. However, they can have the same standard health problems regarding digestive issues, epilepsy, eczema and hip and elbow dysplasia.

Though it is very uncommon to have the health issues in German Shepherds of long hairs if it depends on the breeder of the dog to determine their health issues.

You can first examine your dog before buying the one. However, if your dog already has any of this problem, the reliable vet can help you to treat him or her.

Additionally, some disease of long-haired German Shepherds can be associated with their gene, but they are also curable. It is advisable to vet decide that.

white long haired german shepherd

6)-The Long Haired German Shepherds are not For Hunting

If you are seeking the dogs for the ferocious purpose you should that, the long-haired German Shepherds are quite different than their standard counterpart in this regard.

Most of the owners of German Shepherd love to have this dog for hunting and high regard security.

However, when it comes to the long-haired German Shepherds, they are weaker in this regard.

The first reason behind it; they are vulnerable to the element. 

The absence of the undercoat among long haired German Shepherds makes this flaw apparent. Moreover, the long hairs of this kind of German Shepherd just for the show, it cannot protect them.

Another factor is that they are naturally family loving dogs. They prefer indoor lifestyle instead of seeking adventure outside by taking the pleasure of hunting or herding.

It is also a reason; it is a rare occurrence to see the long-haired German Shepherds with the policeman or hunter.

7)-The Relationship of German Shepherds with the Wolves

No doubt, wolves are a ferocious but fascinating character. Many of the folklore and modern fictions have the character of the wolves or werewolves.

In this way, they become one of the man’s favorite animal and fantasy’s character.

But, unfortunately, no man can pet the wolf unless they are professional to do so. In this way, long-haired German Shepherds are the fantastic alternate.

As it is assumed that dogs are the descendants of the wolves, but they have evolved their nature with time. Similarly, it is also clear that two famous breeds of the dogs; German Shepherds and Siberian husky look similar to the wolves.

In This way, when it comes to long haired German Shepherds, they have a higher chance to look similar to this fantastic creature due to their long shiny hairs, which also give them rough and wild look.

Not only this, the best thing about this fact is the shades of the long-haired German Shepherds.

Unlike standard German Shepherds, their colors are unique like silver, white, gray and blue.

These are fantastic colors, which make them identical to the mysterious creature of fantasy fiction.

Just imagine the silver long haired German Shepherds, they will look fantastic and mysterious to have one.

And if you want something like it, then they are yours.


white long haired german shepherd

8)-The Unwelcome Feat about Long Haired German Shepherds

The most unfortunate fact about the long-haired German Shepherds is the unwanted attitude towards them.

Most of the people prefer short-haired German shepherd due to the popularity of the breed above.

Also, the competition like GSD competition of the United States does not allow such breed to participate.

The reason behind is that they do not have an undercoat. Though some competitions in other countries may allow them, it is just a condition.

Mostly, they are unwelcome to any GSD competitions. Not only this, most of the owners of the German Shepherds do not like the maintenance the long-haired German Shepherds is needed.

In this way, they are unwanted due to their inability to cope with the element, which also makes them unfamiliar with the hunting and herding.

However, this is not necessary that everyone will scoff the long-haired German Shepherds.

They are friendly dogs and welcomed in their families.

Not only this, despite being incapable of hunting, they are quite handy when it comes to protecting his or her loved ones.

In this way, long-haired German Shepherds are the ideal choice who wants a happy pet  with some extra characteristics.  


9)-The long-haired German Shepherds can Have Behavior Problem

However, it is true that German Shepherds have a nice behavior.

Not only this, the long-haired German Shepherds are famous for their happy attitude, but the story can also have another side too.

Sometimes, German Shepherd puppies face the aggressive behavior of their previous owners included beating. In this way, they can become excessive shy or ferocious toward human beings.

Take it as the psychology of human beings.

Though it does not work in the same manner as the psychology of human beings, they can be scared and scarred just like human beings.

So, it will take time for them to get accustomed to your love. Another scenario can also associate with the long-haired German Shepherds that they will be naturally shy and reserved and take some time to get used to you.

In this way, you should not worry about the behavior of your beloved dog and take him or her some time to get used to your kind behavior.


white long haired german shepherd
10)-Exercise and Energy Level of Long Haired German Shepherds

Do not ever estimate the energy level of long-haired German Shepherds; they are fantastic in this regard.

They love to play and exercise whatever game you select to play with them.

Although they prefer staying inside, they also need to go outside.

Sometimes the outing requires the regularity. The owners of the long-haired German Shepherds are great at the energy level.

Most importantly, you should consider that if you are good at keeping the energy of long-haired German Shepherds, then you should have them.

They are great at playing and jogging and whatever you want them to play.

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep with their energy, so if it is difficult for you, you can hire professionals to do this job.

Remember that the long-haired German Shepherds need your affection and lots of time for playing and exercising to burn their calories.


German Shepherds are a great pet, which does not only love you but also protect you in a critical situation.

He or she does not want anything in the replacement but simple love and kindness to them.

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