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Irish wolfhound – The medieval breed that everyone wants

Irish wolfhound

Are you curious to own a breed that is a tall and fearless companion?

Your obvious choice should be Irish wolfhound which is dignified, calm and full of energy dog for your family.

Irish wolfhound overview:

The Irish wolfhound is a large and family companion.

These are the tallest breed around but at the same time are exceptionally quiet, patient, and kind.

Their adorable shaggy eyes offer a route to an extremely quiet and intelligent type of little puppy.

While they are exceptionally honorable with a long and ancient legacy, these Irish cuties aren’t for everybody.

Their extensive size doesn’t make them perfect for small house living and they have a short lifespan.

In any case, you are lucky to have an Irish wolfhound in your life. You know why they are so extraordinary.

Irish wolfhound weight and size:

Okay, so we realize these Irish puppies are the tallest breed around, however how big do they really get?

A male Irish Wolfhounds are 34 to 35 inches tall and weigh around 120 pounds despite the fact that a male can get as much as 140-180 pounds.

Females are littler, remaining around 30 inches tall and weighing around 105 pounds.


the less, they can reach up to 32 to 34 inches and between weigh 115-140 pounds.

Are Irish wolfhound good family dogs?

You will be happy to know that these dogs are smart, gentle and love human companionship, a sweet sensitive dog that responds quickly.

Irish wolfhound

Check out the factors if it is suitable for you or not.

  • It is fit for a rural home with a lot of encased space to extend and run
  • He is a gentle giant with a whiskery face
  • He Is normally nice with everybody
  • Reacts well to be quiet
  • determined to trained

Irish wolfhound temperament:

The Irish wolfhound breeder has a sort and sweet personality with people.

This huge breed is one of only a handful couple of mammoth breeds that is by all accounts mindful of its size and is extremely delicate with youngsters and can be trusted as family hounds.

As pups, they can be over overflowing and cumbersome and this puppyhood goes on for around two years.

So owners need to be set up to put resources into compliance preparing upon selection.

Irish wolfhounds are particularly loyal pooches and are viewed as genuine friendly companions.

  • What about health issues with Irish wolfhound?

This breed is prone to various health conditions that can limit its lifespan from 5 to 7 years.

Cardiomyopathy, a condition where the muscles of the heart become crumbled to a point that they meddle with working, is regular among this breed.

Bone cancer growth and hip dysplasia are likewise regular in Irish wolfhounds.

  • Irish wolfhound feeding times:

Keep your Irish wolfhound puppy in good shape with his nourishment and feeding him two times per day as opposed to forgetting constantly.

Irish wolfhound

  • How much does an Irish wolfhound cost?

The Irish wolfhound price starts from $1500 to $2000 and they are worth every penny.

Rescue them in animal shelters and get one right away.