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Russian bear dog Archives - Teddy Bear Dog Breed

Russian Dog Breed – Most Amazing And Gentle Family Pets

Does it look like you want to find out a perfect pet for homes?

You need to pick Russian dog breed that is the symbol of loyalty, beauty, and grace to be your first choice as a pet.

Russian dog breed overview:

There are many different breeds comes in Russian dog breeds, but only a few of them got the chance to be your first companion.

This is exactly the Borzoi used to be a useful hunting partner.

As a high energy creature but rather history expresses that they were raised to live an action-packed life.

They were first born in Russia in the mid 17th century.

The name Borzoi is really a Russian word signifying “quick” which portrays them and their praiseworthy to follow wolves.

Russian Borzoi dog appearance:

It has a slender body, long legs, and a tall form.

These characteristics additionally make them the ideal coursing contender.

Their flowy and sparkly coat makes them the ideal lead for a canine with too much hair around.

Their fur can be level and straight, thick and wavy, or voluminous and wavy.

Borzoi hounds likewise have a little, narrow head. Their almond eyes permit them a wide field of vision.

Russian dog breed

Borzoi dog weight and size comparison:

Males can grow up to 30 inches while females can grow up to 26 inches.

They weigh 55 to 120 pounds.

5 Grooming Tips for Russian Borzoi puppy:

Their soft and silky hair surface, these Russian Wolfhounds is less to get dust stuck on the fur. The reality remains that these Borzoi breeds are a high maintenance breed.

  • 1) To keep your sweetheart hound truly constantly, you should make sure to brush coat with a stick brush each week.
  • 2) Pay attention to her legs and ears while checking for rugs.
  • These parts are generally zones of grinding where tangled and tangled hair is shaped.
  • 3) Likewise, inspect the spot under the neckline just as the armpits.
  • Try not to utilize a wire slicker rush as it can wreck her rich hide.
  • 4) Borzoi hound breeds are overwhelming shedders so except if you need the whole house to be secured with free hide, dependably make sure to brush, brush, and brush.
  • 5) The coat that needs brushing. It is additionally encouraged to brush your Borzoi’s teeth twice or thrice up to seven days that you have room schedule

Russian Borzoi breeds dog training and exercise requirements:

They must begin training as a little puppy. As young as about two months, a Borzoi young doggie is equipped for adopting new skills and tricks. Exercise as play and other physical exercises are imperative to his wellbeing.

  • Is Borzoi Russian dog breed aggressive? Do they need socialization?

Of course, they are little aggressive but it can sort it out well. The real key to a respectful sighthound like this one is socialization. Introduce them with the family at an early age. Get them familiar with the children so they can become comfortable around them. 

Some basic health problems:

    • Glaucoma
    • Dynamic Retinal Atrophy PRA
    • Heart issues
    • Hip Dysplasia
How much Borzoi Russian dog will cost?

To get a Borzoi Russian puppy it will cost you for $1200 price tag and considering their lifespan is 14 years which makes your money worth of trying.